Friday, November 09, 2007

Rademacher Free Downloads

It's week two of Rademacher's Blog Residency. To celebrate the release of their new record, Stunts, they're sharing two songs each week with a different SoCal blog. Last week, Joe at Radio Free Silver Lake shared track #1 "Arkansas" and track #4 "If U Got Some Magic."

The band's from Fresno but recorded in LA at the Ship with Earlimart's Aaron Espinoza. I'm excited to be a part of the stunt (which got a nice press mention from CMJ last week). I put a lot of thought into the two songs I picked to share with my readers.

Here you go:

Download "Letter to Fresno, CA" - This is the last track on the record and feels a little bit like an epitaph (to a city, to the album and to a girl). It's titled "Letter to" but the lyrics say "Letter from" which might be an indication of the narrator's state of mind. I've never been to Fresno, but I get the feeling it's the type of place (much like my hometown) that a lot of people move away from. I could relate to that feeling as well as the line about city kids.

Download "Today Is Different" - This track's full of great lyrics. Malcolm juxtaposes all these (seemingly) disparate elements and then ends it by repeating "Your folks were right" and "There ain't nothing you can do." I'm still not sure if he's saying that his folks instilled a sense of hopelessness , but it does seem like something my folks would tell me. Either way his toes are still tapping.

If you like what you hear, you can order the record directly from the band. They're playing all over California this month. If you're in LA you've got three more chances to see them. This Sunday at the All Star Lanes in Eagle, or next Sunday at Spaceland (with Aaron and Ariana from Earlimart) and the Sunday after that back at the All Star Lanes.


Anonymous said...

Justin, if you read this, I'm calling dibs on the title track.

Anonymous said...

Rademacher does a body good.

Unknown said...

i smiled and went to bed happy, enough said.

Anonymous said...

Rademacher es bueno. Viva la Fresno.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

F'n Beawtifull!
and i mean F , as in Fresno!