Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recent Concert Announcements

El Rey
1/23/11: Wanda Jackson with the Third Man house band featuring Jack White on guitar (Friday at 10 AM)
1/28/11: Danial Lanois’ Black Dub (Saturday at 10 AM)
3/3/11: Emilie Autumn (Saturday at 10 AM)

The Satellite (f/ka/ Club Spaceland)
Mondays in February: Red Cortez (Free)
1/7/11: Melvins set (current line-up performing songs from Colossus of Destiny); Lysol and Eggnog records in their entirety [now at Ticketweb]
1/14/11: Melvins 1983 (Buzz, Dale and Mike Dillard); Melvins set (current line-up performing normal set) and Houdini in its entirety [now at Ticketweb]
1/18/11: Fiend Without a Face / West End Motel / Bleu / Taylor Locke (now at Ticketfly)
1/21/11: Melvins Lite (Buzz & Dale only); Melvins set (current line-up performing normal set) and Bullhead in its entirety [now at Ticketweb]
 1/28/11: Melvins set (current line-up performing normal set) and Stoner Witch in its entirety [now at Ticketweb]
2/19/11: Admiral Radley (now at Ticketfly)

The Viper Room [Ticketweb]
12/31/10: Lucinda Williams / Jackshit (now)

The Echo [Ticketweb]
12/31/10: Nite Jewel / Kenan Bell (now)
2/11/11: Smith Westerns (now)
3/24/11: Wye Oak / Callers (now)
4/6/11: Akron/Family (now)

Echoplex [Ticketweb]
1/13/11: Captain Beefheart Symposium (now)  
1/17/11: Screaming Females / La Sera (now)

The Roxy
12/22/10: Odd Future (now)
1/28/11: Free Energy (now)
2/9/11: Friendly Fires (now)

Troubadour [Ticketfly]
2/18/11 – 2/21/11: Cake (Thursday at 1:00 PM)
2/25/11: Max Bemis (Thursday at Noon)

Staples Center
2/23/11: Linkin Park / The Prodigy (Saturday at 10 AM)

Nokia Theatre LA Live
2/9/11: Sarah McLachlan (Friday at 10 AM)
2/25/11: Lucero (Friday at 10 AM) 
5/8/11: Yanni (Friday at 10 AM)
5/15/11: Moody Blues (Friday at 10 AM)

Club Nokia
4/12/11: All Time Low / Yellowcard (Friday at 10 AM)

Hollywood Palladium
4/6/11: A Day To Remember (Friday at 10 AM)
5/27/11: My Chemical Romance (Friday at 10 AM)

Gibson Amphitheatre
2/3/11: Luis Miguel (now)
2/19/11: Enrique Iglesias (Friday at 10 AM)

The Wiltern
2/25/11: Pendulum (Friday at 10 AM)

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