Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weekend Music Options

Friday 8/31/07
Sage Francis @ Silent Movie Theatre
Old Time Relijun @ the Smell
The Valley Arena / The Front @ Pehrspace

Saturday 9/1/07
Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Echoplex
The Minus Five / Jonathan Rice @ Spaceland

Sunday 9/2/07
Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Echoplex
Lee Hazlewood Tribute Night @ Tangier
Princeton @ All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock

Monday 9/3/07
Tune In 9:00AM-6:00PM: Morning Becomes Eclectic celebrates its 30th Anniversary with special three-hour highlight blocks from each of its three hosts (Tom Schnabel, Chris Douridas, Nic Harcourt)
The Happy Hollows / The Soft Hands / The Billionaires @ the Echo
Gram Rabbit @ Spaceland
The Valley Arena @ Silverlake Lounge (Free)
The Minor Canon / The Prix / Satisfaction @ Viper Room

Highlights from Thursday's Live Calendar 8/30/07

Let's Go Sailing Play the Roxy Tonight

Tivo Alert: Wilco on the Tonight Show – I saw Wilco last night. More on that later.
Tonight's Pick(8/30/07):

The Deadly Syndrome / Let’s Go Sailing / Western States Motel / Office @ Roxy ($10) – This is really good lineup and a great excuse to hit the Strip. Thursday nights over there aren’t bad at all. The Deadly Syndrome has a new album out on Dim Mak on the 9/11 and it’s quite good. Let’s Go Sailing put out one of my favorite local records last year. Western States Motel are a new local indie band who already have a big following. Office is a Chicago band who recently signed to James Iha’s label. They’re going out on tour with Earlimart.
Download Office’s “The Ritz
Download The Deadly Syndrome’s “Eucalyptus
Download Western State Motel’s “Powerlines
Download Let’s Go Sailing’s “Icicles
Also Appearing:

Captain Paper / The Pity Party @ Spaceland – This is a new band featuring Ian from Creeper Lagoon and Mike from Green & Yellow TV. Creeper Lagoon was my favorite live band from 1997-1998, so I’m always curious what Ian’s up to.
Fishbone @ the Highlands ($12 adv / $20 at door)
Old Time Relijun @ the Echo ($8) – K Records. They’re also at the Smell tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Highlights from Wednesday Live Calendar 8/29/07

Wilco: Sellouts? or Guys Who Don't Want To Be Wal-Mart Greeters at 65?

Wednesday's Pick:
Wilco / Richard Swift @ Greek Theatre (Sold Out) – As I get older and more knowledgeable about the way the music industry works, I become less likely to call somebody a sellout. Wilco licensed their entire new album to Volkswagen, which has led to a lot of snarky bloggers (I’m looking at you Pitchfork) labeling them sellouts. For me, unless you’re a political, anti-Corporate punk band, you can do whatever the hell you want with your music. That said, I’m getting really sick of hearing these Wilco songs in VW commercials. Some of the tracks don’t work in the context of selling cars at all. What seems like a very personal album about Tweedy’s relationship with his wife, has been twisted into manufactured, tongue-in-cheek emotion about an actor’s love for a car. A bit lame. Anwyay, it’s really hard to blame them. Their previous album sold close to 400k copies. Assuming they got $2.50 per album (including their songwriting royalties – I think it’s a generous assumption) they made $1 million from record sales. After taxes, paying their manager (and a decent tax attorney), they maybe netted around $600k. With six members, assuming (unlikely as it is) that they divide equally, that’s about $100k each. While that’s a lot of money for an artist, it’s not very much for other professionals who are on top of their game. In fact, it’s about the same amount that a 28 year old would make his first year out of business or law school at the University of Chicago (and Wilco doesn’t get health insurance or 401k participation. Unlike a similarly popular hip-hop artist (or even country artist), a band like Wilco doesn’t get any commercial airplay. Fortunately, unlike hip-hop artists, they do make some decent money off touring and selling merch (but that ends once they stop touring). The last piece of the puzzle is licensing. A band like Wilco probably gets a lot of offers from crappy TV shows and movies that want to pay them $10-$25k to license their songs. If Wilco’s representation is earning their 15%, VW paid them well over $1M for these VW commercials. It’s a personal decision for any artist, but most people I know would have a really hard time turning down that type of money. Depending on your definition, maybe they are sellouts. But there’s no evidence that they’ve compromised the type of art they want to make. Enough with that nonsense; make sure you get there in time for Richard Swift. He put out one of my favorite albums of the year so far.

Also Appearing:
Wrong Way Driver / Love Lies Sleeping / Scott Watson @ Silverlake Lounge ($8) – This is BT’s first band as the frontman. You might now him from his stints in Earlimart, Radar Bros. (live) and Pine Marten. This is their second show ever and they go on at 9:00PM.
Low End Theory Club: Jel @ Airliner ($5) – For the Anticon fans.
The Faraway Places / Tables & Chairs @ The Echo ($5) – Tables & Chairs is an instrumental band with three of the guys from the Movies.
Club NME: The Like / Chow Nasty @ Spaceland ($8) – Should be a big crowd.

As Tall As Lions / Mae @ the Roxy ($16)
The Saw Doctors @ Knitting Factory ($17 adv / $20 dos) – West Ireland folk-rock super group
Exitmusic @ the Derby
Jonneine Zapata @ Crane’s Tavern [1611 N. El Centro] (Free)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ticket Giveaway - Deadly Syndrome, LGS, WSM, Office

I'm giving away a prize package. You'll win two tickets for the Deadly Syndrome, Let's Go Sailing, Western States Motel, Office show at the Roxy this Thursday. Plus a copy of Let's Go Sailing's CD (which was in my top 10 local bands of 2006) and Western States Motel's EP.
This is a solid local lineup. Office is not local, but they're heading out on the road soon with Earlimart.
To win - email me (dukeufo at hotmail) and tell me what your favorite era is/was for LA's music scene. Was it the 60s with the Byrds, Love, the Doors? or the 1970s with Van Halen? maybe the 80s with Motley Crue and hair metal bands? or the 90s with Beck? or maybe it's today with Silversun Pickups, Earlimart, 400 Blows, etc..... One winner will be randomly chosen. The deadline is 5:00PM on Wednesday 8/29

Top Five New Music Releases - 8/28/07

It's a strong week for underground hip-hop fans (Aesop Rock, Blockhead, Madlib) and experimental rock fans (No Age, Liars).

Top Five New Releases:
Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass (Definitive Jux) – Download “None Shall Pass” and “Citronella” At the Fonda on 10/12.

[2/3 LOCAL] Liars: Liars (Mute) – The critically acclaimed group’s fourth album is getting great reviews again. As experimental as they are, their success always surprises me. See them open for Interpol at the Forum on 10/23.
Stream Plaster Casts of Everything (audio)

[LOCAL] No Age: Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat) – See them at Amoeba tonight or the Smell on 10/5. They’re an experimental duo and kind of the first of the Smell bands to begin to crossover into the mainstream. This release compiles five of their indie releases onto one disc.

Ringo Starr: Photograph – The Very Best of Ringo Starr (Capitol) – While owning almost every other Beatles entire catalog, I’m guilty of not being at all familiar with Ringo’s solo stuff. This is the first true greatest hits collection.

Super Furry Animals: Hey Venus! (Rough Trade Import) – Weirdo Welshmen. The vinyl and digital release is out today domestically. The CD with bonus material will come out in early 2008.

Other Noteworthy Releases:

Angels of Light: We Are Him (Young God) – Michael Gira’s band.
Download “Black River Song

Blockhead: Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book (Ninja Tune) – At the Fonda on 10/12. The longtime Aesop Rock producer.

Circus Devils: Sgt. Disco (Ipecac) – Robert Pollard with Todd and Tim Tobias.

Concentrick: Aluminum Lake (Drag City) – Tim Green of the Fucking Champs. Download “Sacred Texts

The Honorary Title: Scream & Light Up the Sky (Reprise) – Live at the Avalon on 9/7.

The Howling Hex: XI (Drag City) – Neil Michael Hagerty.
Download “Everybody’s Doing It

Jamie T.: Panic Prevention (Caroline) – At the Troubadour on 9/26. The male Lily Allen? He’s nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize.

Lyle Lovett: It’s Not Big It’s Large (Lost Highway)

[LOCAL] Madlib: Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4 in India (Stones Throw)

Michael McDermott: Noise From Words (One Little Indian) – Singer-songwriter from Chicago. At the Hotel Café on 10/12.

New Young Pony Club: Fantastic Playroom (Modular) – British new wave, dance rock band that’s also nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize.

Northern State: Can I Keep This Pen? (Ipecac) – At the Orpheum on 10/29 with Tegan and Sara. Adrock helped out on this one.

Odd Nosdam: Level Live Wires (Anticon)

Turbonegro: Retox (Cooking Vinyl) – This was delayed from the 14th. Norway’s favorite fake leather boys. See them at LA Weekly’s Detour festival on 10/6 and the Fonda on 10/7.

VHS or Beta: Bring on the Comets (Astralwerks) – They were at the forefront of the latest dance rock revival. See them at the Echoplex on 9/15.

[LOCAL] Darker My Love/ Moccasin: Split 12” (Ihaterocknroll)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Highlights from Tuesday's Live Calendar 8/28/07

Tivo Alert: The Deadly Syndrome on The Daily Habit (Fuel); Okkervil River on Conan
Tuesday's Picks (8/28/07):
No Age @ Amoeba (Free) 7:00PM – Record release day. If you miss them, see them at the Smell on 10/5.
Let’s Independent: Amateurs / The Lonely Years / One Trick Pony @ Boardner’s (Free) – Joe at Radio Free Silver Lake puts on a monthly showcase of new bands. It’s gotta be challenging because he always picks three bands and never books the same band twice. Stylus, Little Radio and Buzz Bands have all been saying great things about Amateurs. I’ve heard good things about the Lonely Years. I don’t know much about One Trick Pony yet.

The Watson Twins / King Straggler / Everest @ Spaceland ($10) – The Watson Twins put out a really good EP last year, and sing so well with Jenny Lewis. They’re heading out on a national tour soon. Everest is like a local super group with Ross Pollard, Jason Soda, Davey Latter, Joel Graves and Rob Douglas. Their vinyl EP is good. King Straggler features John Hawkes (Sol from Deadwood).
Other Noteworthy Shows (8/28/07):
Gogol Bordello @ the Fonda (Sold Out) – Gypsy punk.
Crowded House / Pete Yorn / Liam Finn @ Greek Theatre ($45 + $10 TM fees)
I See Hawks in LA / Dave Gleason @ the Echo ($7)

Highlights from Monday's Live Music Calendar 8/27/07

Le Switch Play the Bordello Tonight

I didn't see any of the F*ck Yeah Fest, but Superbad's pretty funny. Did I miss any good bands? I hear that Bolero and the Tyde were good at Spaceland. Josh Schwartz is now playing guitar with the Tyde. Can a Further reunion be far behind?
Monday's Pick:
I Make This Sound / The Monolators / Le Switch / Papillon @ Bordello ($8) - I realize I recommend Le Switch way too often, but in addition to being a band I really like, they also play a lot of shows on nights when there's not a lot of similar competition.
Other Choices:
Low vs. Diamond / IO Echo @ Spaceland (Free) – Io Echo’s hitting the road with She Wants Revenge soon.

The Section Quartet @ Troubadour (Free / $3 under 21) – With guests Linda Perry, Grant Lee Phillips, Sam Phillips

Crash Kings / Henry Clay People @ Silverlake Lounge (Free)
Manic / Strangers Smile @ the Echo (Free)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Other Weekend Music Options 8/25/07 - 8/26/07

So you think festivals are for kids? There's plenty of other stuff going on Saturday. Sunday's pretty much dead except for the superior F Yeah lineup....

Saturday 8/25/07

The Tyde / Bolero / War Children @ Spaceland ($8) – Great lineup if you don’t wanna hang with all the kids at the F Yeah Fest. For the retro minded.

The Airborne Toxic Event @ Summer Triangle [1640 North Spring Street] ($10)

Au Revoir Simone / Oh No! Oh My! / Princeton @ Troubadour ($12) – A pretty good indie rock lineup.

Dead Ponies / Sirhan Sirhan @ the Scene – Heavy music for those that are avoiding the F Yeah Fest.

Kennedy @ Crash Mansion [1024 S. Grand Avenue] ($10 if not on list)

John Doe @ Safari Sam’s ($14)

They Shoot Horses Don’t They / Abe Vigoda @ the Smell ($5) – I’m guessing a lot of Smell regulars will be at the F*** Yeah Fest.

The Youngs @ the Prospector in Long Beach

Psychic TV @ the Fonda ($20)

Modular Party @ Standard Downtown

Sunday 8/26/07

Murry Hammond @ the Hotel Café – Murry from the Old 97’s.

F*ck Yeah Fest Set Times

Here are the set times for the F*ck Yeah Fest. I was going to do a big recommendations post, but I don't even know where to begin. There are so many bands I've never heard. The beauty is that it's cheap and in close proximity, so you can just wander around. In the past the Echo has been packed to the gills (and without A/C). Jeff Weiss did a preview for the LA Weekly.

Saturday, August 25th
5:30pm – 5:55pm Devon Williams - Local singer-songwriter, on the mellower side
6:10pm - 6:35pm Residual Echoes - Local, experimental, noisy
6:55pm - 7:25pm Thee More Shallows - San Francisco, on Anticon, band with heavy electronics
7:45pm - 8:15pm Wooden Shjips - San Francisco, David Fricke of RS calls them pulse rock - VU, Suicide, etc.
8:35pm - 9:15pm Entrance - Local, heavy psychedelic rock sound
9:30pm – 10:00pm Greg Ashley - Oakland, lead singer of Gris Gris who get the Syd Barrett's comparisons.
10:15pm – 10:45pm Imaad Wasif - Local, on Kill Rock Stars, formerly in Alaska, New Folk Implosion
11:05pm – 11:45pm Lavender Diamond - Becky Stark's a peace loving hippie who recently told she owns over 1,000 dresses. Local, on Matador, unbelievably high voice.

5:25pm – 5:50pm Sleepover - Garage rock from San Pedro
6:10pm – 7:00pm Sabortooth Tiger / Nation Blue - Sabertooth.Tiger are a local noisy (in the punk way) band on GSL. The Nation Blue are an Australian band.
7:20pm – 7:45pm Love or Perish - Punky New York band
8:05pm - 8:30pm Toys That Kill - San Pedro punk band
8:45pm - 9:15pm Fleshies! - punk rock from Oakland - Alternative Tentacles
9:35pm - 10:10pm American Steel - Punk from Oakland - Fat Wreck Chords
10:30pm – 11:00pm The Fuse! - Local punk rock band.
11:20pm - 12:05 The Explosion - Their last west coast show ever.

5:25pm-5:50pm 50 On Their Heels - San Diego, post-punk/new wave style
6:05pm- 6:30pm Hit Me Back - Local thrash
6:50pm – 7:20pm Upsilon Acrux - Local, experimental prog
7:45pm- 8:15pm Times New Viking - Noisy, kinda punky, on Matador/Siltbreeze
8:30pm-9:00pm Bobby Birdman - Local
9:15pm-9:45pm The Mae Shi - Local manic rock
10:00pm-10:30pm Brother Reade - Local hip-hop
10:50pm-11:25pm Boom Bip - Local electro
11:45pm- 12:20am Busdriver - Manic hip-hop

Local 1710 [1710 Sunset]
Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout – 9:15pm
Japenese Motors - 8:30pm
Tod Adrian Wisenbaker & Micheal Runion - 7:15pm (two different bands)
Thisisatrainwreck - 6:30pm

Comedy show at Taix Starts roughly 8:30pm
Host: Josh Fadem
Matt Braunger, Anthony Jeselnik, Jarret Grode, Howard Kremer, Brent Weinbach, Cracked Out, Jonah Ray, Hari Leigh
Restaurant will be performing right after the comedy show

5:30pm – 6:00pm Jail Weddings - Local
6:20pm – 6:50pm The Strange Boys - Austin
7:10pm – 7:40pm The Nice Boys - Portland power-pop
8:00pm – 8:35pm Darker My Love - Local band with a powerful live show, on Dangerbird
8:55pm – 9:30pm Midnight Movies - Dreamy, local band on New Line.
9:50pm – 10:20pm Foreign Born - Local, anthem rockers with a new album on Dim Mak
10:40pm – 11:10pm Rumspringa - Local

5:25pm-5:50pm New Collapse - Local post-punk
6:10pm-6:35pm Abe Vigoda - Local, post-punk
6:55pm-7:20pm Bad Dudes - Local, post-punk
7:40pm- 8:10pm Red Fang - Portland, metal
8:30pm- 9:00pm Great Northern - Local atmospheric dreamy pop on Eenie Meenie (note the weird time slot opposite Midnight Movies)
9:20pm- 9:55pm Jay Retard - Post-punk, new wave
10:15pm - 10:45pm No Age - Local band with a lot of national buzz right now. Their Fat Cat debut comes out on Tuesday. They opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Mayan this week and headlined the Troubadour.
11:00pm- 11:40pm Deerhunter - They're geniuses at manipulating the indie press (I'm looking at you Pitchfork). Most people tend to hate their live show/spectacle.

5:30pm- 5:55pm Vultures - San Diego
6:15pm- 6:45pm Triclops! - San Francisco, GSL
6:55pm- 7:15pm Best Fwends - Texas
7:35pm- 8:05pm xBxRx
8:25pm -8:55pm Pissed Jeans
9:15pm -9:45pm The Blood Arm
10:05pm - 10:35pm Moonrats
10:55pm - 11:30pm Langhorne Slim
11:50pm - 12:20am Indian Jewelry

Whispertown 2000 / Luke Top @ 7:00pm

Comedy show at Taix starts: 8:30pm
HOST Blaine Capatch
Matt Braunger, Anthony Jeselnik, Brent Weinbach, Bob Odenkirk, Jonah Ray, Wyatt Cenac, Cracked Out, Matt Dwyer, Fred Belford

Local 1710
Totally Michael - 9:00pm
The Prayers - 8:15pm
In Waves - 7:30pm
The Muslims - 6:45pm
60 Watt Kid - 6:00pm

Highlights from Friday's Music Calendar 8/24/07

I had a lot of fun at the Scene last night (and paying for it today) for the second installment of the blogger-curated Now Blog This. I missed the first band, but got there in time for Le Switch. Unfortunately their key/piano player was stranded in Chicago, but they still sounded really good. Their set was cut a little short which threw them off momentarily. You can see them on Monday at the Bordello. The Deadly Syndrome played the headlining slot. Their live show is super tight and energetic after their huge Monday night residency at Spaceland. You can see them at the Roxy on August 30th and pick up their new album on Sept. 11th. The late slot belonged to Aushua. They're a young band from the OC with a lot of potential. The lead singer's got a big voice and the word anthemic comes to mind. They're doing the Monday night residency at the Silverlake Lounge in October.
Tivo Alert: Ferraby Lionheart on Craig Ferguson
Friday Night's Pick:

Daniel Johnston @ The Fonda ($18) – There’s so much humanity in Johnston’s music. I think the Fonda's a bit too big of a room to fully appreciate him, but that's the only place he's playing....
Also appearing:
F*** Yeah Fest Pre-Party: Dios Malos @ 1269 E. 6th Street ($5)

Bert Jansch / Meg Baird @ Troubadour ($20) – You can’t deny Jansch’s amazing talent and influence on the acoustic guitar. But like Fahey, I find listening to him a little bit too much like school. Blasphemous, I know.

The Gears @ the Scene – LA punk from way back when.

Marc Ford @ Viper Room ($15) – Formerly of the Black Crowes….
The Spires @ El Cid ($8)

Castaneda @ Spaceland

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tickets Going On Sale Soon

Upcoming Concerts with Onsale Dates:

Blonde Redhead / Autolux @ Wiltern on 10/25/07 – Tickets on sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

The Jesus and Mary Chain / Soulsavers with Mark Lanegan and Evan Dando @ Wiltern on 10/23/07 – Tickets on sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

Minus the Bear / Helio Sequence @ the Avalon – Tickets on sale Saturday at 10:00 AM

Cold War Kids @ Wiltern on 11/23/07 – Tickets on sale Friday at Noon

The Hold Steady / Art Brut @ Wiltern on 11/7/07 – Tickets on sale Saturday at Noon

Beirut / Colleen @ Avalon on 10/11/07 – Tickets on sale Friday at Noon

The Hives @ Avalon on 11/7/07 – On sale now

Bat for Lashes @ Troubadour on 10/9/07 – On sale now.

Jens Lekman @ Troubadour on 11/10/07 – On sale now.

Prefuse 73 @ Troubadour on 12/9/07 – On sale starting 8/30/07.

Thurston Moore @ the Echoplex on 10/30/07 – On sale now.

Joanna Newsom @ Walt Disney Concert Hall on 11/9/07 – On sale now (if you’re a fan, get on it – I just pulled up 3rd row).

Neko Case @ Walt Disney Concert Hall on 11/16/07 – Get on it, I just pulled up 15th row (but tickets are $70).

Caetano Veloso @ Pasadena Civic on 11/14/07 – On sale now.

Other Recently Announced Shows (not sure when these go on sale):

Morrissey @ Palladium on 10/1, 10/2, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6, 10/8, 10/9, 10/11, 10/12, 10/13 - From the press release:

In Los Angeles, Morrissey will close a chapter in the famed Palladium's history: these will be the final 10 shows at the legendary venue before it closes down for an extensive renovation. New York will feature 5 nights at Hammerstein Ballroom. A "seasons ticket" will be made available in both cities eliminating all surcharges for any fans attending every show, which will provide a savings of over $50 in itself.

Also, for the Palladium run, fans will have a special, limited-time opportunity to purchase tickets to all ten concerts for the price of nine, and to gain early entry into the venue for each show. Starting at 10 AM on Monday, August 27 through 10 PM Wednesday, September 5, special 10-Night packages will be available at, and via Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone. In addition to the great savings, fans will also receive a special commemorative ticket that will allow them to go to the front of the line and get right up close in this GA setting. Considering that these are the last live dates on his calendar, this is a fantastic chance for Morrissey's diehard followers to take in every song and relish every detail of what is sure to be an amazing residency.

Van Halen (with Roth) @ Staples Center on 11/20/07

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Highlights From Thursday's Live Calendar - 8/23/07

Three or four solid picks for Thursday night....

Thursday's Pick:

Now Blog This: Le Switch / The Deadly Syndrome / Aushua / Phoenix and the Turtle @ the Scene - This is the second Now Blog This at the Scene in Glendale. The premise is that four local bloggers each pick an up and coming local band. I picked one of the bands at the first Now Blog This, but this time there's four new bloggers. Passion of the Weiss picked The Deadly Syndrome. These guys have already broken locally and done an insanely packed Monday night Spaceland residency, so it's cheating a bit. But they're still a really good band well worth seeing (and I think I helped turn Jeff on to them). Their debut album comes out September 11th on Dim Mak and it's good. Le Switch is one of my favorite newer LA bands and they just keep getting better. They were a big hit at the Sea Level Going Away party at Safari Sam's. Our pal the Aquarium Drunkard is responsible for choosing them tonight. Frontman Aaron Kyle sings like his life depends on it. You'll probably be able to see his uvula from the back wall of the Scene. It's boozy saloon pop with piano, trumpets and violas. I'm not too familiar with Aushua, but our pal Kevin Bronson from the LA Times/Buzz Bands chose them. Bronson's got a knack for finding crowd pleasing, upbeat bands. I'm not familiar with Phoenix and the Turtle either, but their tracks on Myspace sound good. LA-Underground selected them. Our friends Jax from Rock Insider and Joe from Radio Free Silver Lake will be DJ'ing. Should be a lot of fun.

Download The Deadly Syndrome's "Eucalyptus"

Other Options:

Daniel Johnston
@ The Fonda ($18) - DJ's songs have been covered by so many amazing artists because his songs are pure and full of heart. If you're new to him, pick up that Discovered Covered release from a few years ago. And rent The Devil and Daniel Johnston - a fantastic and well done documentary about him.

No Age / Moris Tepper / The Mae Shi @ Troubadour ($10) - Another solid local lineup on the other side of town. No Age's debut album comes out next Tuesday on Fat Cat.

Marissa Nadler
/ Friends of Dean Martinez @ Spaceland ($8) - If you like interesting female voices along the lines of Joanna Newsom, Becky Stark and Mia Doi Todd then you should give Nadler a listen. She's gotten good reviews from Pitchfork and Mojo. FoDM are veterans.

Zappa Plays Zappa @ Wiltern ($50-$60) – Dweezil Zappa brings Frank Zappa’s music to the stage.

Highlights from Wednesday's Music Calendar 8/22/07

Entrance Plays the Airliner Tonight

Wednesday's Pick:
Low End Theory: The Entrance Band @ Airliner [2419 N. Broadway] ($5) – The hip-hop club, Low End Theory club is back at the Airliner after a very brief stint that Echo. I’ve wanted to check out Entrance for a while. Resident DJs Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, etc.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Mayan (Sold Out)
Frankel / Chris Black @ Silverlake Lounge ($8) – Michael Orendy of Frankel is the new touring guitarist in Earlimart.
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians / The Black Pine @ the Echo – This isn’t on the Echo’s website, but I assume it’s still happening.
Club NME: Eskimo Joe @ Spaceland

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Highlights from Tuesday's Live Calendar 8/21/07

Earlimart Play Their Record Release Party at the Echoplex Tonight

Tonight's Pick:

Earlimart / The Parson Red Heads / The Pity Party @ Echoplex ($7) – The new Earlimart record is really good (see mini review earlier today). Being a special occasion and all, tonight they'll be joined by the String Dream Team. Get there early to see the Parson Red Heads and the Pity Party who both played Sunset Junction on Saturday.

Also Appearing:

Foreign Born / In Waves @ the Echo (Free / $5 under 21) – Foreign Born’s new album came out today on Dim Mak.

The Beastie Boys @ Wiltern (Sold Out) – A gala event (which I think means boring, instrumental stuff).

The Like / The Scare @ Cinespace – In the email I got from Dim Mak today, they mentioned this (and five or six other events Aoki will appear at). However, they made no mention of the record release party at the Echo for Foreign Born (who are on their record label).

King Elementary @ Spaceland

Weekly New Music Releases - 8/21/07

There are lots of interesting releases this week. It makes me sad that Sea Level's not around anymore. The idea of popping in on the way to the Earlimart record release show at the Echoplex sounds very appealing right now....

Top Five New Releases:

[LOCAL] Earlimart: Mentor Tormentor (Majordomo) – Earlimart's back with their best album yet. The new album is a lush continuation of 2004's Treble & Tremble, so expect more comparisons to Grandaddy and Elliott Smith. After shopping the album to multiple labels, Espinoza settled on releasing it himself through Shout Factory. See them at the Echoplex tonight, 8/21 or the Troubadour on 10/24. Aaron was on Morning Becomes Eclectic this morning (you should be able to downlod the pocast soon). He'll be on Sinking with Sylvia on Little Radio on September 6th. Recommended.
Download "Everybody Knows Everybody" (via Pitchfork)
Download "Nevermind the Phonecalls" (via Pitchfork)
Download "Don't Think About Me" (via Pitchfork)

M.I.A.: Kala (Interscope) - I'm not really an M.I.A. guy, but critics and indie kids both love her. Switch produced most of the new record. Vibe panned it, but it's got an 87/100 on Metacritic. I'm sure I'll end up picking it up.

The New Pornographers: Challengers (Matador) – This one's even more "introspective" than the last (and I wished the last was more like Electric Version). Pitchfork gave it a mediocre review, which I'm inclined to agree with at this point. At the Fonda on 9/19 and 9/20.

[LOCAL] Patrick Park: Everyone’s In Everyone (Curb Appeal) - Like Earlimart, the local singer-songwriter is on a new label. I haven't heard much of it, but my impression is that it's thankfully more stripped down than Loneliness Knows My Name. I plan on picking this one up.

[LOCAL] Rilo Kiley: Under the Blacklight (Warner Bros.) - Their major label debut is definitely a departure from their old sound. (I recommend you stream the full album on their Myspace page before purchasing). Jason Lader (Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5) and Mike Elizondo (Dr. Dre) produced the bulk of it. Lyrically, there's a whore/stripper motif throughout. Many of the songs have a weak disco beat, which is on par with what you hear in bad porn films. Jenny Lewis' voice sounds great, even when she's singing about smoking pole. Longtime Rilo Kiley fans are split. "Silver Lining" and "The Angels Hung Around" are my favorite tracks, while "Dejalo" and "Smoke Detector" are the worst. At the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on 10/15.

Other Noteworthy New Releases:

Lindsay Anderson: If (Minty Fresh)

Architecture in Helsinki: Places Like This (Polyvinyl) – If Sea Level were still around, Todd would probably be pushing this record on you. At the Troubadour from 11/5-11/7.
Download "Heart it Races"

Caribou: Andorra (Merge) – I liked the last two albums. At the Troubadour on 10/26. I need to pick this one up.

David Dondero: Simple Love (Team Love) - He's going on tour with AgainstMe.
Download "When the Heart Breaks Deep"

Jeremy Enigk: The Missing Link (567 Records) - Emo pioneer as lead singer of Sunny Day Real Estate.

Ryan Ferguson: Only Trying to Help (Better Looking Records) - From San Diego, fomerly in No Knife.
Download "Remission"
Download "Kill My Confidence"

The Flaming Lips: UFOs at the Zoo Audio DVD (WEA/Reprise)

[LOCAL] Foreign Born: On the Wing Now (Dim Mak) – See them at the Echo tonight (8/21) or the Echoplex on Sunday. Pitchfork gave them a good review today, throwing around "anthem" and "U2" in the review.
Download "In the Shape"
Download "Union Hall"

Galactic: From the Corner to the Block (Anti) - At the House of Blues on 10/12

Imperial Teen: The Hair, The TV, The Baby & the Band (Merge) – At Spaceland on 9/28

Kinksi: Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop) – At the Echo on 9/12
Download "Punching Goodbye Out Front"

Talib Kweli: Ear Drum (Warner Bros.)

The Mekons: Natural (Quarter Stick)
Download "Dickie, Chalkie and Nobby"

The Mendoza Line: 30 Year Low (Glurp)

Minus the Bear: Planet of Ice (Suicide Squeeze) – At the Avalon on 11/3.
Download "Throwin' Shapes"
Download "Dr L'Ling"

Numbers: Now You Are This (Kill Rock Stars) – At the Smell on 10/12.
Download "Mind Hole"

Over the Rhine: The Trumpet Child (Great Speckled Dog) – At the Knitting Factory on 9/21

Josh Ritter: The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (Sony) - At El Rey on 10/25.

[LOCAL] The Section Quartet: Fuzzbox (Decca) – Doing their string thing on songs by the Strokes, the Postal Service, Muse, Radiohead and others. At the Troubdour on 8/27.

Mike Seeger: Tipple, Loom & Rail – Songs of the Industrialization of the South (Smithsonian Folkways)

Stereo Total: Paris-Berlin (Kill Rock Stars) - Fun, party music. At El Rey on 9/7.

Sun Ra: The Night of the Purple Moon (Atavistic) - Reissue.

Luke Temple: Snowbeast (Millpond) - He's got a unique voice that Sufjan Stevens and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab) love. I'm still on the fence. You should go stream some songs on his Myspace page.

Travis Morrison Hellfighters: All Y’all (Barsuk) - Former singer in the Dismemberment Plan.
Download "As We Proceed"

Various Artists: This Is Next (Vice) - Vice puts out an indie rock compilation for beginners.

Various Artists: Total 8 (Kompakt)
[LOCAL] Nico Vega: Cocaine Cooked the Brain 7" and iTunes (Iamsound) - Co-written by Squeak E. Clean who produced the last Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Nico Vega's heading out with the Shout Out Louds soon.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Highlights of Monday's Live Calendar 8/20/07

Low vs Diamond Continue Their Spaceland Residency

It was a very busy weekend. I saw the Adored and Buzzcocks on Friday night at Spaceland. The Buzzcocks still sound great, but they're starting to look their age (Pete Shelley's 52).
We went to Sunset Junction on Saturday with the goal of getting there early enough to see Division Day. After driving around for parking, paying $15 and walking to the stage, we missed them. We were already melting and starving so we found an air conditioned restaurant and somehow missed the Pity Party too. The Parson Red Heads brought a lot of energy and I was enjoying it, but we could feel the asphalt burning through the bottom of our shoes. We found an air conditioned restaurant for a drink. One drink turned into five. We ventured out of the A/C to see the Broken West, who put on a great show (joined by Parson Red Heads for a couple of songs). We got hungry and ventured back into the A/C for some dinner, missing Sea Wolf entirely. We also missed most all but a couple of Autolux songs. Then we ran into some friends who bought us a drink in an over capacity restaurant that didn't seem to have air conditioning. It was finally starting to cool off outside. We left the bar and found a place close to the stage for Blonde Redhead. We were off to the side a little and the sound was terrible. Knowing what an amazing band they usually are, we decided to leave. Unfortunately we had to push through about three city blocks of wall to wall people. We were extremely frazzled after about 20 minutes of that. All in all, it was a pretty miserable experience. [Plus, I hate to think about how much of my $15 went to pay Ben Harper.] Being old and whiny sucks. Needless to say, I stayed home on Sunday.
Monday 8/20/07
Talib Kweli @ Amoeba 6:00PM (Free)
Beastie Boys @ Greek Theatre ($50 + $10 TM fees) – They just released some great tickets on Ticketmaster.
Manic / Dead Ponies / Minutes ‘Til Midnight @ the Echo (Free) – Dead Ponies put on a good live show.
Low vs. Diamond / Oliver Future / The Lonely H / The Scare @ Spaceland (Free) – The lineup with the most bands you’re likely to hear on Indie 103 in the future.
The Crash Kings @ Silverlake Lounge (Free)
I Make This Sound / Chris Black @ Bordello ($8)
Two Sheds @ Pehrspace

Friday, August 17, 2007

Non Sunset Junction Weekend Picks 8/17-8/19

The Buzzcocks Play Spaceland Friday

Friday 8/17/07
The Buzzcocks / The Adored @ Spaceland ($20) – Advance tickets sold out, so get there early to buy. The Buzzcocks will be at the Sunset Junction on Sunday, but the sound at Spaceland will be 1,000 times better.
Earlimart / The Happy Hollows / Castledoor @ Santa Monica Womens Club [1210 4th St.] ($12) – The new Earlimart album’s their best one yet. I’ll write more about it on Tuesday, but I’ve been playing the hell out of it. If you’re planning to see the Buzzcocks tonight, you can see them at the Jensen Rec Center in Echo Park on Tuesday.
Exitmusic @ El Cid ($8)
Sleeping People / Abe Vigoda / Bad Dudes @ the Smell ($5)
Club Underground: A For Attack @ the Echo ($5 / $7 under 21)
The Aquabats @ the Fonda ($15 + $7.50 TM fees) – Nerd rock

Saturday 8/18/07
Richie Furay / Chris Hillman @ Malibu Performing Arts Center ($35-55) – I saw both of these guys at Stagecoach earlier this year. I really enjoyed Chris Hillman’s set.
George Clinton & Parliament @ Greek Theatre ($75 + $12 TM fees)
Infinity @ Spaceland ($10) – Female fronted Journey cover band.
Dandiwind @ the Echoplex ($10)

Sunday 8/19/07
Mike Stinson @ El Cid ($3) – During / After Sunset Junction
Blonde Redhead @ Glasshouse (Sold Out)
Beastie Boys @ Greek Theatre (Sold Out)
Part Time Punks: Smiths/Morrissey night with Languis @ the Echo ($5)
No Age / Mae Shi / Abe Vigoda / Bad Dudes @ Fur [4279 Fountain] (Free) – Pop by during Sunset Junction from 2-8PM.

Sunset Junction Street Festival Preview: 8/18/07 - 8/19/07

Blonde Redhead Play on Saturday

The 27th annual Sunset Junction Street Festival goes down this weekend at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica. It's a massive carnival with some damn good bands playing on three stages. The festival started as a way to bridge the gap between the Latin families and the gays who were infiltrating their neighborhood (or so the story goes). It has evolved into a massive production with three stages and a mandatory $15 entry fee. The festival is organized by the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance. It's a non-profit organization that runs the Tsunami coffee shop and does some community service. If you read internet message boards, a lot of people look on it pretty suspiciously (The basic argument - who gave these guys the right to take over public streets and charge me money; I want an accounting of where the funds are going). It's become a really good excuse for people in the area to have house parties.

I prefer to get to the festival on the early side. It gets too crowded and weird for me at night. You can't bring in any outside liquor, but if you use your imagination you'll figure out a way. There are plenty of neighborhood liquor stores in the area that will sell you fifths that fit easily in your shorts. The port-a-potties get pretty disgusting, but that doesn't stop dudes from going in there as couples. I know you look really cool in your black skinny jeans, but it's probably going to be insanely hot.

Saturday's Lineup 8/18/07:

12:40 PM - Division Day - Get there early for these guys. They're friends of You Set the Scene and some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. They recently signed to local lable, Eenie Meenie. Go their Myspace page and listen to "Tigers" and "Tap-Tap, Click-Click."

1:30 PM- The Pity Party - This experimental minded, post-punk duo recently exploded on the scene and has already toured with the Raveonettes. Their original sound quickly won over jaded local fans. And once again, they're some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

2:20 PM - The Parson Red Heads - These guys won me over the first time I saw them. Like the Beachwood Sparks, they've got a heavy 1960s/Byrds influence driven by nice harmonies. The songs are toe-tapping catchy. Go to their Myspace and check out "Punctual as Usual."

4:10 PM- The Broken West - They're one of my favorite bands in LA right now. Their debut album came out earlier this year on Merge (home of Arcade Fire and Spoon) and made my short list of favorite albums in the first half of 2007. They play power-pop in the best possible way. Check out "On the Bubble" and "Brass Ring" on their Myspace page. Super freaking nice guys too.

5:05 PM- Sea Wolf - Alex Church once was the bass humping bass player in Irving. Now he's the guitarist and lead singer of Sea Wolf. The girls all love him. His debut EP recently came out on local label Dangerbird and he just got off a tour with the Silversun Pickups. The music's serious with acoustic guitars and subtle strings. "You're a Wolf" is a really good song, and you can stream it on his Myspace page.

6:05 PM - Autolux - These guys haven't put out an album in over three years. We're all still waiting. We all keep waiting and waiting. They play fuzzy, headphone, drug rock.

7:30 PM - Blonde Redhead - These New Yorkers put out quite possibly my favorite record of the year so far. They been putting out consistently great records for over a decade now. No easy feat. Hopefully the sound at the Junction is a little better than in recent years.

9:00 PM - Morris Day and the Time - If I'm still there, I'll definitely take Morris Day over Ben Harper.

Sunday's Lineup 8/19/07:

12;40 PM - Eskimohunter - Popular local noise-pop band that recently packed the house every week at their Monday night Spaceland residency.

1:30 PM - The Movies - Usually when you see the Movies, 75% of the audience is in other bands. The Silversun Pickups even covered them on their Dangerbird EP. Lead singer, Timothy James is one of those great, unpredictable performers. Many of the lyrics are hilarious, but he's very capable of writing the sensitive songs too. Go listen to "Rock in the Slingshot" on their Myspace page.

2:20 PM - The Airborne Toxic Event - These guys sold out the Echo for their second show ever. They're Anglophiles who know how to write catchy songs. Go to their Myspace and listen to "Does This Mean You're Moving On." Franz Ferdinand wishes they'd written something that catchy on their second album.

4:05 PM - The Bronx - LA has a great heavy scene, but the Bronx is pretty much the only representative at this festival.

5:15 PM - Hot Hot Heat - Their new album comes out on September 11th.

6:45 PM - Buzzcocks - Just a ridiculously good band.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Highlights from Thursday's Music Calendar - 8/16/07

Midnight Movies Play the Echoplex Tonight
A lot of legends in town tonight, and a few worthwhile free shows....
Thursday 8/16/07
Midnight Movies / Irving / Gore Gore Girls / The Architects @ Echoplex (Free) – Maybe the best bang for your buck….

The Minor Canon / DJ Frosty / DJ Sea Level Todd @ Alexandria Hotel (Free) [501 Spring Street] – If I make it out tonight, this is where I’ll be.

Tiny Vipers @ Spaceland – Female singer-songwriter from Seattle who’s on Sub Pop. Download “On This Side

The Detroit Cobras / Dan Sartain @ Troubadour ($17) – Energetic soul covers.

Black Pine @ Pershing Square [532 S. Olive St.] (Free) – 8:00PM

Public Enemy @ House of Blues Sunset ($25 + $11 TM fees) –Hip-hop legends.

Filter’s Revenge of the Sunset Strip: Delta Spirit / The Outline / Sparrow Love Crew @ the Roxy ($10)

Alejandro Escovedo @ the Mint ($18) – Talented Austinite.

Tony Bennett @ Greek Theatre ($80 + $12 TM fees)

Bang Sugar Bang / The Prix @ Alex’s Bar in Long Beach ($3)

Club Tribute: Big Nasty (with Chris Pontius) and others do the songs of Lynyrd Skynyrd @ Safari Sam’s (Free before 9 / $7 after)

Patti Smith @ Santa Monica Pier

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Highlights from Wednesday's Live Calendar 8/15/07

Stevenson Ranch Davidians Continue Their Residency at the Echo

Wednesday 8/15/07

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians / Sky Parade / Bolero @ the Echo ($5) – Retro rock. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians continue their month-long residency. Bolero is the new band I’ve been telling you about featuring Josh Schwartz (Beachwood Sparks, Further) who has some amazing guitar tone. I saw them at 3 of Clubs recently and was well impressed.

Club NME: White Savage / Static Static @ Spaceland – Indie

DJ Z-Trip / Aceyalone @ House of Blues ($22.50 + $11TM fees) – Hip-hop

Hanson @ the Viper Room (Sold Out) – Mmm Bop

Tim and Eric @ Troubadour ($20) - Comedy

Junior Senior / Gravy Train @ the Roxy ($15) – Dance time

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekly New Music Releases - 8/14/07

The new Earlimart comes out next Tuesday. Until then, I'm most intrigued by the Nina Nastasia/Jim White and the Oh No....

Top Five Most Interesting Releases:

Eric Copeland: Hermaphrodite (Paw Tracks) – From experimental rockers, Black Dice. Pitchfork gave this is pretty impressive 7.6/10. Stream “Green Burrito” from P’fork.

Nina Nastasia and Jim White: You Follow Me (Fat Cat) – Folky, Steve Albini produced collaboration. Pitchfork gave this one an impressive 8.6/10.

Oh No: Dr. No’s Experiment (Stones Throw) – Well regarded hip-hop producer (and Madlib’s younger brother). Straight outta Oxnard.

The Rentals: The Last Little Life EP (Boompa) – The (long ago) former Weezer bassist.

Turbonegro: Retox (Cooking Vinyl) – Norway’s favorite fake leather boys. See them at LA Weekly’s Detour festival on 10/6 and the Fonda on 10/7. I watched their documentary once. Pretty amusing.

Other Noteworthy Releases:

Bang Lime: Best Friends in Love (Last Gang Records) – The rhythm section from Metric.

Dollar Store: Money Music (Bloodshot) – More rocking side band from some of the Waco Brothers.

Eisley: Combinations (Reprise) – Emotionally soaring rock. At the Avalon on 9/28.

Erik Friedlander: Block Ice and Propane (SkipStone) – Jazzy Mountain Goats affiliate

Floratone: Floratone (Blue Note) – Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Tucker Martine, etc.
John Lennon: solo work available now through iTunes Plus for $1.29 per song.

Dean Martin: Forever Cool (Capitol) – Crooner. Pairs his voice with modern artists like Kevin Spacey. Stream album HERE.

Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City Music Hall (RCA) – Jammy. Two disc collection.

Recoil: Subhuman Deluxe (Mute) – Alan Wilder formerly of Depeche Mode

Linda Thompson: Versatile Heart (Rounder) – English traditional folk.

Paul Van Dyk: In Between (Mute) – Electronica

Various Artists: Entourage Soundtrack (Atlantic) – A lot of hip-hop and one Cold War
Kids song. The ultimate guilty pleasure show.

Various Artists: "Musicfest NW Vol. 2," – Coincides with the Portland Music festival going on from 9/6-9/9. LA bands Brian Jonestown Massacre, Rilo Kiley, The Bronx and Clipse will be performing.

You Say Party! We Say Die: Lose All Time (Paper Bag) – Canadian dance punk.

Attention Robert Smith

My girlfriend brought this to my attention, and then I heard it for myself. Have you heard that new Shout Out Louds song, "Tonight I Have to Leave It" (stream it on Myspace)? It's one of the most blatant Cure rip-offs I've heard. I mean, "In Between Days" is a great song and all, but this is like a Rutles parody. [Possibly worth noting, All Music accuses the Cure of stealing the bass line in "In Between Days" from Peter Hook of New Order]. As my friend Tony (a huge Cure fan) put it, he hopes Robert Smith grows to be 100 feet tall and steps on the Shout Out Louds.

Shout Out Louds play the LA Weekly's Detour Fest on 10/6.
The Cure plays the Hollywood Bowl on 10/14.

Highlights From Tuesday's Calendar 8/14/07

Film School Play Spaceland Tonight

Tuesday 8/14/07:
Cambodian Music Night: Dengue Fever @ the Knitting Factory Front Stage ($15) – Screenings of the Ros Sereysothea documentary as well as the Dengue Fever documentary.
The Magic Numbers / The Little Ones @ El Rey ($16.50 + $6.45 in TM charges) – The Little Ones never stop touring. They will be back on 9/23 supporting Voxtrot. Apparently their new album is all recorded.
Film School / Pela @ Spaceland ($10) – Their new record comes out on September 11th. If you like fuzzed out, layered guitars then you should download “Lectric” and see them tonight.
The One AM Radio / Lymbyc System / Montag @ the Echo ($8) – Dangerbird’s The One AM Radio is hitting the road with Lymbyc System.
Jennifer Gentle / The Dodos @ Sixth Street Gallery [1269 E. Sixth Street] – Jennifer Gentle are obviously named after the Pink Floyd lyric. They’re an Italian psychedelic band on Sub Pop. Download “Universal Daughter” and “I Do Dream You
8-Bit @ Safari Sam’s (Free / $5 under 21)
Switches @ Cinespace – Anybody see them at Spaceland last night?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Highlights from Monday's Live Calendar 8/13/07

I Make This Sound Play the Bordello Tonight

Monday 8/13/07

Low vs. Diamond / Switches / The Everyday Visuals / Sunday Drivers @ Spaceland (Free) – Last Monday there was a line around the club all night. I’d expect another big crowd tonight. Switches are a London band with some major label heat behind them. The Everyday Visuals are a Boston band.

Frankel / The Hectors / I Make This Sound / Electromagnetic @ Bordello ($7) – This is probably the most indie lineup. Download Frankel’s “Thermostat

Veer Right Young Pastor @ Pehrspace ($5) - For the more experimentally inclined.

Jennifer Gentle / Bobb Bruno @ Old Baldy Brewery in Upland ($7) – They’re playing the Sixth Street Gallery tomorrow, if you don’t want to drive out to Upland.

Gliss @ Viper Room ($10 / or email Viper Room on Myspace to get on the list)

Squeeze / Fountains of Wayne @ Greek Theatre ($55 + $10 TM fees)

Manic @ the Echo (Free)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Highlights of the Weekend Music Calendar 8/11/07 - 8/12/07

Saturday 8/11/07
Summershine: The Tyde / Japanese Motors / Tom Brosseau / Winter Flowers / Bolero @ Mai’s Café [2815 E. Main St., Ventura, CA] ($8) – Noon – 2AM. The Tyde goes on at 10:00PM.
Ladybug Transistor / Papercuts / Castledoor @ Spaceland ($10)
Poison / Ratt @ Gibson Amphitheatre
Sgt. Pepper’s 40th Anniversary: Cheap Trick @ the Hollywood Bowl (Sold Out) – Guest Vocalists Aimee Mann and Joan Osborne
Times New Viking @ the Smell ($5)
Saul Williams @ Moca Night Vision
The Avett Brothers / Langhorne Slim @ El Rey ($15)
Rock the Bells: Wu-Tang Clan / Rage Against the Machine @ Glen Helen Pavilion
Breast Cancer Benefit: Death To Anders / The Slow Demise / Henry Clay People @ Cocaine ($15)
Very Be Careful @ Bordello ($10)
Minnie Driver / Marc Olson @ Hotel Café ($12) – Marc Olson was one of the founders of the Jayhawks.
Luther Russell @ the Echo ($7)

Sunday 8/12/07
Grand Ol Echo: Mike Stinson @ the Echo (Free) – Early show at 5:00PM
MF Doom @ El Rey ($25)
Hecuba / Lucky Dragons / Pocahaunted @ Perhspace ($5)
Burning Spear / Sly & Robbie @ Hollywood Bowl
Jennifer Gentle @ Alex’s Bar in Long Beach
Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects @ Spaceland ($8)
Go Betty Go @ Safari Sam’s
Blue Hawaiians @ Bordello
Part Time Punks @ the Echo ($5)
Women and Children @ Tangier ($7)

Highlights from Friday's Music Calendar 8/10/07

The Ronelles Play the Echo Tonight

Lots of intersting stuff tonight....

Friday 8/10/07:

Tivo Alert: El-P and Aesop Rock on Jimmy Kimmel

Rilo Kiley @ All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock (Free) – Wristbands will be given out at the Echo starting at 4:00 PM on Friday but you’ve got to take a print out of your Myspace profile with “Secret Shows” in your top 8.

Great Northern / The Comas / Twilight Sleep @ Spaceland ($10) – Get there early, this will be a packed house (plus Tracy from Twilight Sleep has a cool voice). Great Northern

Club Underground: The Ronelles @ the Echo ($5 / $7 if under 21) – Young Scottish band in LA for a few shows. They were Sylvia’s guests on Little Radio yesterday. Mojo recommends their debut album, giving it 4/5 stars saying “their tunefully raucous debut joining the dots between Chuck Berry, early Beatles and The Monkees.”

Le Switch (acoustic) / Coral Sea @ Tangier ($8) – Le Switch are one of my favorite local bands at the moment.

Pelican / Clouds @ Troubadour ($14) – Hydra Head band for people interested in experimental metal.

Mark Olson @ Largo – One of the founders of the Jayhawks.

Sgt. Pepper’s 40th Anniversary: Cheap Trick @ the Hollywood Bowl - Guest Vocalists Aimee Mann and Joan Osborne

Carla Bozulich @ the Smell

Solare @ El Cid ($8)

The Adolescents @ Safari Sam’s ($12) – Old school OC punk band.

The Weary Boys @ Molly Malone’s ($10) – Country band from Austin.

Vieux Farka Toure @ Temple Bar

Artichoke @ Mr. T's

Times New Viking / Anchors for Architects @ Perhspace – Recent signees to Matador.

This Is My Condition @ Relax Bar - – One man band comin’ straight outta Lawrence (Kansas)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Upcoming LA Concerts

Here's a data dump of the bigger shows coming up in LA. Many of these shows are already sold out. As always, I will provide more details as the dates approach. Bolded items are shows I'm going to try to cover....

Tuesday 8/14/07: The Magic Numbers / The Little Ones @ El Rey; Cambodian Music Night: Dengue Fever @ the Knitting Factory

Thursday 8/16/07: The Minor Canon / DJ Frosty / DJ Sea Level Todd @ Alexandria Hotel [501 Spring Street]; Public Enemy @ House of Blues Sunset

Friday 8/17/07: The Buzzcocks @ Spaceland; Earlimart @ Santa Monica Womens Club

Saturday 8/18/07: Sunset Junction: Blonde Redhead / Autolux / the Broken West / The Parson Red Heads / Division Day / The Pity Party / Morris Day / Sea Wolf @ Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake; Richie Furay / Chris Hillman @ Malibu Performing Arts Center; George Clinton & Parlimanet @ Greek Theatre

Sunday 8/19/07: Sunset Junction: Buzzcocks / Hot Hot Heat / The Bronx / Airborne Toxic Event / The Movies / Eskimohunter @ On Sunset in Silver Lake; Blonde Redhead @ Glasshouse; Beastie Boys @ Greek Theatre

Monday 8/20/07: Beastie Boys @ Greek Theatre

Tuesday 8/21/07: Earlimart @ Jensen Rec Center

Wednesday 8/22/07: Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Mayan

Thursday 8/23/07: Now Blog This: Le Switch / The Deadly Syndrome @ the Scene; Daniel Johnston @ The Fonda; No Age / The Mae Shi @ Troubadour

Friday 8/24/07: Bert Jansch / Meg Baird @ Troubadour; Daniel Johnston @ The Fonda

Saturday 8/25/07: Fuck Yeah Fest: The Explosion / Lavender Diamond / Busdriver / Boom Bip / Entrance / The Mae Shi / Imaad Wasif / Times New Viking, etc…. @ the Echo; Bolero / War Children / The Tyde @ Spaceland

Sunday 8/26/07: Fuck Yeah Fest: Deerhunter / Indian Jewelry / No Age / Midnight Movies / Jay Reatard / The Blood Arm / Foreign Born / Pissed Jeans / XBXRX / Darker My Love / The Nice Boys / Langhorne Slim / Great Northern, etc…. @ the Echo

Monday 8/27/07: Le Switch @ Bordello; Concert for a Cause: Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer @ Avalon

Tuesday 8/28/07: Gogol Bordello @ the Fonda; The Watson Twins / Everest @ Spaceland;
Let’s Independent: The Lonely Years / The Amateurs @ Boardner’s

Wednesday 8/29/07: Wilco / Richard Swift @ Greek Theatre

Thursday 8/30/07: The Deadly Syndrome / Let’s Go Sailing / Western States Motel @ Roxy

Friday 8/31/07: Sage Francis @ Silent Movie Theatre

Saturday 9/1/07: Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Echoplex

Sunday 9/2/07: Brian Jonestown Massacre @ the Echoplex

Monday 9/3/07: The Happy Hollows @ the Echo – Doing the Monday night residency; Gram Rabbit @ Spaceland – Doing the Monday night residency

Tuesday 9/4/07: Okkervil River / Damien Jurado @ Troubadour; Clipse @ Roxy

Wednesday 9/5/07: Lucinda Williams @ El Rey; Ben Kweller @ the Echo – Performing Sha Sha in its entirety; Railbenders @ Safari Sam’s

Thursday 9/6/07: The Frames / Eleni Mandell @ the Fonda; John Vanderslice @ Troubadour; Lucinda Williams @ El Rey; Ben Kweller @ the Echo [Early Show] – Performing On My Way it its entirety; Magnolia Electric Co. @ the Echo; Innaway @ Silverlake Lounge

Friday 9/7/07: Kings of Leon / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Greek Theatre; Daryl Hall & John Oates @ Hollywood Bowl; Common @ Wiltern; Ben Kweller @ the Echo – Performing Ben Kweller in its entirety; The Mother Hips / The Broken West @ the Roxy

Saturday 9/8/07: Daryl Hall & John Oates @ Hollywood Bowl; Lucinda Williams @ El Rey;
Dinosaur Jr. / Band of Horses @ the Wiltern; Bebel Gilberto @ Avalon

Sunday 9/9/07:Underworld / Paul Oakenfold @ Hollywood Bowl; Lucinda Williams @ El Rey

Monday 9/10/07: Spoon @ Henry Fonda; Lucinda Williams @ El Rey; Lily Allen @ House of Blues Anaheim

Tuesday 9/11/07: Spoon @ Henry Fonda; Qui @ the Echo; Maserati @ Silverlake Lounge; Art Brut @ Keyclub

Wednesday 9/12/07: Kinski / Dead Ponies @ the Echo; Buddy / Everest @ Bordello; Spoon @ The Fonda

Thursday 9/13/07: Wolf Parade / Holy Fuck @ El Rey; Built to Spill @ Henry Fonda Theatre

Friday 9/14/07: Built to Spill @ Henry Fonda Theatre; Pink Nasty @ El Cid

Saturday 9/15/07: Mudhoney [performing Superfuzz Big Muff] / The Melvins [performing Houdini] @ The Fonda

Monday 9/17/07: Peter Bjorn & John / The Clientele @ Wiltern; Matt & Kim / XBXRX @ Troubadour

Tuesday 9/18/07: Animal Collective @ the Fonda; Amy Winehouse @ Wiltern; Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Elvis Perkins @ Troubadour

Wednesday 9/19/07: The White Stripes / Cold War Kids @ the Forum; The New Pornographers / Lavender Diamond / Fancey @ Henry Fonda; Amy Winehouse @ Wiltern; Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Elvis Perkins @ Troubadour

Thursday 9/20/07: The New Pornographers / Lavender Diamond @ Henry Fonda; Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Elvis Perkins @ Troubadour; Damien Rice @ Greek Theatre; Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem @ Hollywood Bowl

Friday 9/21/07: Diplo @ the Echoplex; Air @ Greek Theatre; High on Fire / Mono / Panthers @ El Rey; Oakley Hall @ Spaceland; The Besnard Lakes @ Troubadour

Sunday 9/23/07: Voxtrot / The Little Ones @ the Fonda

Monday 9/24/07: Editors @ the Wiltern

Tuesday 9/25/07: Midlake / Maria Taylor @ the Fonda; Arctic Monkeys / The Coral @ the Palladium

Wednesday 9/26/07: !!! / The Field @ Avalon; Klaxons / Mystery Jets @ the Fonda

Thursday 9/27/07: Pet Shop Boys / Ladytron @ Hollywood Bowl

Friday 9/28/07: Low @ Troubadour; Girl Talk / Dan Deacon @ Echoplex – Early and Late Shows; The National / St. Vincent @ the Wiltern; Imperial Teen @ Spaceland;
Josh Rouse @ El Rey

Saturday 9/29/07: Low @ Troubadour; Bright Eyes @ Hollywood Bowl; Bonde do Role @ Echoplex

Tuesday 10/2/07: Nick Lowe @ Safari Sam’s

Wednesday 10/3/07: Gruff Rhys / Her Space Holiday @ Jensen Rec Center; They Might Be Giants @ Avalon

Thursday 10/4/07: Turbonegro @ The Fonda

Friday 10/5/07: George Carlin @ Gibson; Metric @ the Fonda

Saturday 10/6/07: LA Weekly Detour Festival: Bloc Party / Noisettes / Pop Levi / The Aliens /
Justice DJ Set / Satellite Party / Turbonegro / @ Downtown

Sunday 10/7/07: The Shins @ Greek Theatre; Turbonegro @ the Fonda; The Black Crowes @ Orpheum

Tuesday 10/9/07: Justice @ the Fonda

Wednesday 10/10/07: Beirut / Colleen @ Avalon; Emmylou Harris @ Cerritos Center for the Arts

Thursday 10/11/07: Rogue Wave @ El Rey

Friday 10/12/07: Aesop Rock @ the Fonda

Saturday 10/13/07: Devendra Banhart @ Orpheum Theatre; Fujiya and Miyagi / Dirty on Purpose @ Echoplex

Sunday 10/14/07: The Cure @ the Hollywood Bowl

Monday 10/15/07: Rilo Kiley / Grand Ole Party / The Bird and the Bee @ Santa Monica Civic Auditorium; Boris / Damon & Naomi @ Echoplex

Wednesday 10/17/07: Bob Mould (acoustic) @ the Roxy

Thursday 10/18/07: Two Gallants / Blitzen Trapper @ El Rey

Friday 10/19/07: The Black Lips @ Troubadour

Saturday 10/20/07: Black Lips @ Echoplex; Dr. Dog @ Troubadour

Sunday 10/21/07: The Go Team @ Echoplex

Monday 10/22/07: The Fiery Furnaces @ Troubadour

Tuesday 10/23/07: Interpol / The Liars @ Forum; Black Mountain / Cave Singers @ the Echo; Tokyo Police Club / White Rabbits @ El Rey

Wednesday 10/24/07: Mum / Tom Brosseau @ Orpheum

Friday 10/26/07: Caribou / Born Ruffians @ Troubadour; U.N.K.L.E. @ Echoplex

Sunday 10/28/07: Roky Erickson / 1990s @ El Rey; Final Fantasy @ the Troubadour; Pinback / Frightened Rabbit @ Wiltern

Tuesday 10/30/07: Ted Leo @ El Rey; Regina Spektor @ The Wiltern

Wednesday 10/31/07: Ted Leo / The Pogues @ the Wiltern

11/8/07: Of Montreal @ Avalon;The Dickies @ Knitting Factory ; The Hives @ Staples Center

11/9/07: Of Montreal @ Avalon; Joanna Newsom @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

11/10/07: Stars @ Orpheum; Jens Lekman @ Troubadour; The Octopus Project @ the Roxy

11/13/07: Emma Pollock @ the Echo

11/14/07: Caetano Veloso @ Civic Auditorium in Pasadena

11/16/07: Neko Case @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

11/17/07: Gal Costa @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

11/30/07: Busdriver / Daedelus @ Troubadour

12/7/07: The Spice Girls @ Staples Center

12/16/07: Tori Amos @ Nokia Theatre LA Live

12/18/07: Social Distortion @ House of Blues Sunset

1/26/08: The Jam @ El Rey

Shins @ the Greek

What: The Shins
When: Sunday October 7, 2007
Where: Greek Theatre Los Angeles
How: Pay $39.50 (+ fees) starting Saturday at 10:00AM [there's also a KROQ pre-sale starting Friday at 10:00 AM but you'll need the password - do you like the track "'TURN' on me"
Why:The Greek's one of the my favorite places to see a show and the Shins have put out three great records. They're also getting much better as a live band.

Rilo Kiley Myspace Show

Wristbands to get in will be handed out at the Echo starting tomorrow at 4:00PM. One wristband per person. No lineups before 3:00PM.

Highlights From Thursday's Concert Calendar 8/9/07

The Moon Upstairs Play a Free Show at Pershing Square Tonight

Augie March / The Redwalls / Bang Lime / Mark Mallman @ Roxy ($10) – Earlier this week I gave away an Auggie March prize pack. See the post HERE. I caught a little bit of the Redwalls performance last night at Spaceland. Kind of like a more mod version of the Strokes. Bang Lime is the rhythm section of Metric. Their new band’s a bit heavier than Metric. Mark Mallman’s a respected glam guy from Minnesota.

The Moon Upstairs @ Pershing Square (Free) – Retro minded band with a heavy George Harrison influence. Their new album is called Guarding the Golden Apple. They’re taking it out on the road with the Silver Apples. If you miss them tonight see them at Spaceland on 9/22.

The Bloody Hollies / Restaurant @ Spaceland – The Bloody Hollies are a rock ‘n’ roll band from San Diego. They list AC/DC, Motorhead and the Stooges as their influences on Myspace.
Indie Schmindie: Strangers Smile / Meho Plaza / Austin James Band / Divisadero @ the Scene ($5) - Presented by Rock Insider

Brad Laner / The Caribbean @ Pehrspace – Brad Laner was the frontman in Medicine. Download The Caribbean's "The Go From Tactical" and "Bees, Their Vision and Language"

The Lovemakers @ Troubadour ($12) - Female fronted danceable band from Oakland.

The Ronelles @ the Knitting Factory Alterknit – These Glaswegians are Sylvia’s guest on Sinking with Sylvia on Little Radio at 11:00 AM today. Hearing her try to understand their accents should be comical. Do they have a hard time understanding our accents?

This Is My Condition @ the Smell ($5) – One man band comin’ straight outta Lawrence (Kansas)

Emily Wells @ Hotel Café ($8) – Flavorpill recommends her, comparing her to Billie Holiday, Joanna Newsom and Ani DiFranco.