Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Highlights from Tuesday's Live Calendar 8/21/07

Earlimart Play Their Record Release Party at the Echoplex Tonight

Tonight's Pick:

Earlimart / The Parson Red Heads / The Pity Party @ Echoplex ($7) – The new Earlimart record is really good (see mini review earlier today). Being a special occasion and all, tonight they'll be joined by the String Dream Team. Get there early to see the Parson Red Heads and the Pity Party who both played Sunset Junction on Saturday.

Also Appearing:

Foreign Born / In Waves @ the Echo (Free / $5 under 21) – Foreign Born’s new album came out today on Dim Mak.

The Beastie Boys @ Wiltern (Sold Out) – A gala event (which I think means boring, instrumental stuff).

The Like / The Scare @ Cinespace – In the email I got from Dim Mak today, they mentioned this (and five or six other events Aoki will appear at). However, they made no mention of the record release party at the Echo for Foreign Born (who are on their record label).

King Elementary @ Spaceland

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stanhalen said...

sorry man, but you're wrong: Steve Aoki does care about Foreign Born. He sent out a myspace bulletin proclaiming his love for the band:

Date: Aug 22, 2007 4:14 PM
Subject: my favorite band right now - FOREIGN BORN

or go to their myspace page

they are soo fucking good and they're record came out yesterday
steve aoki

see? he cares! maybe he read your blog post? (i could imagine him googling his name, finding your entry and saying "shit, Foreign Born's on my label? why didn't anyone tell me? must... pretend... to give a fuck..."