Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Attention Robert Smith

My girlfriend brought this to my attention, and then I heard it for myself. Have you heard that new Shout Out Louds song, "Tonight I Have to Leave It" (stream it on Myspace)? It's one of the most blatant Cure rip-offs I've heard. I mean, "In Between Days" is a great song and all, but this is like a Rutles parody. [Possibly worth noting, All Music accuses the Cure of stealing the bass line in "In Between Days" from Peter Hook of New Order]. As my friend Tony (a huge Cure fan) put it, he hopes Robert Smith grows to be 100 feet tall and steps on the Shout Out Louds.

Shout Out Louds play the LA Weekly's Detour Fest on 10/6.
The Cure plays the Hollywood Bowl on 10/14.


stanhalen said...

yikes, that's pretty blatant. and not just the vocals - the song itself seems to have been made using the "Make Your Own Cure Song" mailorder course.

dave said...

Hey, if it means more fun songs like "Tonight I Have to Leave It," then I hope a lot of bands use that mail-order course.

In the words of blogger A Certain Romance: "I'm happy to have the Shout Out Louds attempt to fill old Robert's massive shoes."