Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Highlights From Thursday's Live Calendar - 8/23/07

Three or four solid picks for Thursday night....

Thursday's Pick:

Now Blog This: Le Switch / The Deadly Syndrome / Aushua / Phoenix and the Turtle @ the Scene - This is the second Now Blog This at the Scene in Glendale. The premise is that four local bloggers each pick an up and coming local band. I picked one of the bands at the first Now Blog This, but this time there's four new bloggers. Passion of the Weiss picked The Deadly Syndrome. These guys have already broken locally and done an insanely packed Monday night Spaceland residency, so it's cheating a bit. But they're still a really good band well worth seeing (and I think I helped turn Jeff on to them). Their debut album comes out September 11th on Dim Mak and it's good. Le Switch is one of my favorite newer LA bands and they just keep getting better. They were a big hit at the Sea Level Going Away party at Safari Sam's. Our pal the Aquarium Drunkard is responsible for choosing them tonight. Frontman Aaron Kyle sings like his life depends on it. You'll probably be able to see his uvula from the back wall of the Scene. It's boozy saloon pop with piano, trumpets and violas. I'm not too familiar with Aushua, but our pal Kevin Bronson from the LA Times/Buzz Bands chose them. Bronson's got a knack for finding crowd pleasing, upbeat bands. I'm not familiar with Phoenix and the Turtle either, but their tracks on Myspace sound good. LA-Underground selected them. Our friends Jax from Rock Insider and Joe from Radio Free Silver Lake will be DJ'ing. Should be a lot of fun.

Download The Deadly Syndrome's "Eucalyptus"

Other Options:

Daniel Johnston
@ The Fonda ($18) - DJ's songs have been covered by so many amazing artists because his songs are pure and full of heart. If you're new to him, pick up that Discovered Covered release from a few years ago. And rent The Devil and Daniel Johnston - a fantastic and well done documentary about him.

No Age / Moris Tepper / The Mae Shi @ Troubadour ($10) - Another solid local lineup on the other side of town. No Age's debut album comes out next Tuesday on Fat Cat.

Marissa Nadler
/ Friends of Dean Martinez @ Spaceland ($8) - If you like interesting female voices along the lines of Joanna Newsom, Becky Stark and Mia Doi Todd then you should give Nadler a listen. She's gotten good reviews from Pitchfork and Mojo. FoDM are veterans.

Zappa Plays Zappa @ Wiltern ($50-$60) – Dweezil Zappa brings Frank Zappa’s music to the stage.

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