Monday, August 20, 2007

Highlights of Monday's Live Calendar 8/20/07

Low vs Diamond Continue Their Spaceland Residency

It was a very busy weekend. I saw the Adored and Buzzcocks on Friday night at Spaceland. The Buzzcocks still sound great, but they're starting to look their age (Pete Shelley's 52).
We went to Sunset Junction on Saturday with the goal of getting there early enough to see Division Day. After driving around for parking, paying $15 and walking to the stage, we missed them. We were already melting and starving so we found an air conditioned restaurant and somehow missed the Pity Party too. The Parson Red Heads brought a lot of energy and I was enjoying it, but we could feel the asphalt burning through the bottom of our shoes. We found an air conditioned restaurant for a drink. One drink turned into five. We ventured out of the A/C to see the Broken West, who put on a great show (joined by Parson Red Heads for a couple of songs). We got hungry and ventured back into the A/C for some dinner, missing Sea Wolf entirely. We also missed most all but a couple of Autolux songs. Then we ran into some friends who bought us a drink in an over capacity restaurant that didn't seem to have air conditioning. It was finally starting to cool off outside. We left the bar and found a place close to the stage for Blonde Redhead. We were off to the side a little and the sound was terrible. Knowing what an amazing band they usually are, we decided to leave. Unfortunately we had to push through about three city blocks of wall to wall people. We were extremely frazzled after about 20 minutes of that. All in all, it was a pretty miserable experience. [Plus, I hate to think about how much of my $15 went to pay Ben Harper.] Being old and whiny sucks. Needless to say, I stayed home on Sunday.
Monday 8/20/07
Talib Kweli @ Amoeba 6:00PM (Free)
Beastie Boys @ Greek Theatre ($50 + $10 TM fees) – They just released some great tickets on Ticketmaster.
Manic / Dead Ponies / Minutes ‘Til Midnight @ the Echo (Free) – Dead Ponies put on a good live show.
Low vs. Diamond / Oliver Future / The Lonely H / The Scare @ Spaceland (Free) – The lineup with the most bands you’re likely to hear on Indie 103 in the future.
The Crash Kings @ Silverlake Lounge (Free)
I Make This Sound / Chris Black @ Bordello ($8)
Two Sheds @ Pehrspace

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Passion of the Weiss said...

the sound for the first bit of Blonde Redhead WAS terrible, but it got much better as they went on. They really were amazing. I didn't make it to day 2 either. I'm not so much of a fan of the junction as I used to be.