Sunday, November 13, 2011

Live Music Pick for Sunday 11/13/11: Black Lips

Band: Black Lips
Who Should Go: Hipster types
When: Sunday November 13, 2011
Where: Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana
Cost: $20 (Tix)


Anonymous said...

I liked the old format better... It's hard to plan my whole week when I'm only seeing shows the day of! I greatly appreciate the service you're providing, and have been a loyal visiter for a long time! Hope to see you keep going with it!

Tim said...

I feel the same! I like to plan at least a little ahead. the weekly format was much more reader friendly and would love to see it come back. maybe a weekly overview on sundays or mondays and then get more specific on the daily stuff (if you wanna keep the daily posts...) idk. but I would really like if you brought the weekly overview posts back.