Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bronson Out at the LA Times

It hardly seems possible, but today's the last day you'll read one of Kevin Bronson's Buzz Bands columns in the LA Times. After almost six years at the paper, he was laid off this week as part of that massive restructuring. Bronson's a fixture on the local music scene; I probably see him 75% of the time I'm out seeing local bands. He has a vast knowledge of the scene's history and knows everybody. Not to rip on the paper, but his column was the reason I'd pick up the Times on Thursdays.
I can't wait to see what he does next.....
P.S. Buy the guy a drink the next time you see him out. It's no longer against Times policy for him to accept freebies....

Read his last column (on Kenan Bell) here (what's up with his byline missing?). I would recommend you leave a comment, but that doesn't look possible.

Listen to Bronson's show on Little Radio Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Hugo G said...

So a guy who actually knows the scene, knows the bands, knows how to interview a band, and brings to light new and interesting artists gets laid off.

But a hack writer like Jonah Goldberg stays? Or what about the trio of knuckleheads known as Janet Hook, Peter Wallsten, and Peter Nicholas who wrote an abortion of an article comparing Obama and McCain? Do they get to stay too?

If the LA Times wishes to save itself, it better get rid of the four of them. Otherwise, we'll just have an L.A version of The NY Post.

Kevin said...

Also posted on Soundboard, but I have no idea how they'l moderate it.

"Kevin Bronson, thank you. In the short time I was exposed to your column I found numerous local bands and much more enjoyment.

LA Times, no thanks to you. It may seem like tough times call for tough decisions, but losing subscriptions due to the very cuts you *have* to make does not bode well for the future."