Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Club NME Tonight: Hypernova from Iran

I've been meaning to mention these guys for a while now....
Tonight's Club NME at Spaceland will feature Hypernova. A dance rock band playing Club NME isn't necessarily newsworthy by itself, but the fact that they're from Tehran, Iran is pretty interesting. I shouldn't have to tell you that the government in Iran hates rock 'n' roll way more than those redneck cops in Footloose. They've already been featured on NPR, MTV, The New York Times, and ABC News.
Solid Todd will be DJ'ing upstairs and Dia and Jennifer will be DJ'ing downstairs. Best of all, it's free (but you might need the password - Magic).

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Matt said...

I saw them in NYC opening for IAMX and I should say these guys can put on a hell of a live show
I can see them getting big !