Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 10 LA Bands to See at SXSW


Top 10 LA Bands To See at SXSW (Official Showcases Only)

1) Radar Bros. at 9:00 PM on 3/18/10 @ Cedar Street Courtyard – This is the official Merge showcase (so you’re guaranteed to see some other great bands too) and it’s sort of the first official show with their new members. I caught a sneak peek last week at an art space and it sounded great. Their new album comes out the following Tuesday.
2) Everest at 1:00 AM on 3/17/10 @ Maggie Mae’s – Not only are they playing on a showcase with Pegi Young (Neil’s wife) but they’re a great underappreciated LA band. Their new record comes out in early April on Vapor Records.
3) The Henry Clay People at 8:30 PM on 3/18/10 @ Club de Ville – Not only is it an early showcase (so you can run off and catch some other stuff later) but they always put on an energetic, engaging set. Their new record comes out in June on TBD Records (home of Radiohead).
4) Admiral Radley at 8:45 PM on 3/19/10 at the Galaxy Room – Not only is this the first official show for these guys but the members come from other great bands (Aaron and Ariana from Earlimart and Jason and Aaron from Grandaddy).
5) Dengue Fever at 1:00 AM on 3/19/10 @ Encore Patio or at 11:00 PM on 3/20 at Emo’s Main Room – Dengue Fever are talented musicians who play Cambodian pop music.
6) Flying Lotus at 1:00 AM on 3/17/10 at The Phoenix – I’m not the world’s biggest fan of instrumental hip-hop music, but he transcends most of the stuff that’s out there.
7) Liars at 1:00 AM on 3/19/10 at Antone’s – Their music is a little more challenging than what I typically listen to, but I can’t deny its appeal.
8) Avi Buffalo at 11:00 PM at 3/18/10 at Galaxy Room Backyard – They’ve got some songs and they’re signed to Sub Pop but don’t quite have the stage presence yet (but it will come around eventually).
9) Dum Dum Girls at 12:00 AM on 3/18/10 at Galaxy Room Backyard – Of all the new girl groups with sort of questionable musical chops, they’re probably the best. Plus they’re signed to Sub Pop.
10) Off! At 9:45 PM on 3/18/10 at Emo’s Jr. – Keith Morris and Steven McDonald’s new band.

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