Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ticket Giveaway: Kidrockers with Warpaint and His Orchestra

For all the parents out there. If you haven't taken your kids to the monthly Kidrockers party, here's your chance. I've got some tickets to give away for the Warpaint / His Orchestra show this Sunday at 1:00 PM at the Echo. Warpaint is a local, all girl group that recently signed to Rough Trade records. His Orchestra is fronted by musician/actor Douglas Smith who plays Ben on Big Love.

I don't have any kids myself, but as a member of the press, I have made it to a couple of these shindigs. Usually how it all goes down is that there's a brief introduction by the hosts (Matt Dwyer and Jonah Ray this week) followed by a few songs by the opening band, then a brief Q&A with the opening band and then a couple of more songs by the opening band (usually the kids are invited up on stage to dance during the final part). The hosts then pop up on stage again to introduce the headliner who play a few songs, then get asked a few questions, then wrap it up with a couple of more songs. The kids usually sit on the floor on Twister mats and parents usually stand around the outside (or hold the little guys). Parents can have a drink at the bar (hopefully they aren't driving) and parents and kids can order pizza and have it delivered from Two Boots. The whole thing lasts a little less than two hours.

To win these tickets, email me [dukeufo at gmail] with the name of your favorite pizza place in Los Angeles. Please put "Warpaint" in the subject line. The contest closes Friday at Noon.

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