Monday, November 22, 2010

First Bookings For The Satellite Announced

Shadow Shadow Shade Play a Thursday Night Residency in February

The Satellite quietly started selling tickets for the first of its shows today (there's a transition period where Spaceland Productions is still booking a lot of the nights through January and some all the way into March). Check out The Satellite's venue page at Ticketfly for details. Among the notable shows:

12/3 (the first show listed with "The Satellite Presents") - Lower Heaven / Exploding Flowers / Jason Simon
12/9 - The Happy Hollows / Epic Ruins / Computer Jay
12/10 - Deadbolt / Speedbuggy / Groovy Rednecks
12/29 -  Giant Drag
1/15 - Dead Meadow / Speed Buggy / The Carry Ons
Thursdays in February - Shadow Shadow Shade Residency
2/5 - The Muffs

There still seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the changes over at Spaceland / Satellite (the LA Times posts have been needlessly confusing whereas the Buzz Bands' post was the most informative since Bronson talked to all of the involved parties). I realize most people probably don't care about this, but every time I go out these days, somebody asks me about it.

So here's my attempt at a timeline of the history of Spaceland Productions and 1717 Silver Lake Blvd (if you notice any errors feel free to post in the comments): 

Jeff Wolfram's family owns a bar at 1717 Silver Lake Blvd called "Dreams" (to this day, Dreams still shows up on your credit card receipt when you drink at the bar).  

In 1993, Mitchell Frank approaches the Wolframs to ask if he can start booking events at their bar.

In 1995 Mitchell Frank starts using the name "Spaceland" for nights he books at Dreams. When he forms his music promotion company he calls it "Spaceland Productions."  

Over time, the club at 1717 Silver Lake Blvd. comes to be known as Spaceland (at some point, a transparent sign that says "Spaceland" goes over the "Dreams" sign). Wolfram still owns the bar and your bar reciept still says "Dreams."
Later in the1990's, Frank hands over day to day booking to Liz Garo.

Around 2000, Garo defects to the Knitting Factory Hollywood (RIP) and is replaced by Jennifer Tefft. [For more history check out this LA Weekly article.]

In 2001, Mitchell Frank and Jeff Ellermeyer take over club Nayarit (1.5 miles away from "Club Spaceland") and rename it the Echo, hiring ex-Spaceland booker Liz Garo as the booker. It's almost exactly the same capacity as "Club Spaceland" and the Troubadour.  

From 10/03 - 6/04, Spaceland Productions books the Henry Fonda theater (now the Music Box) until Goldenvoice takes over the venue.  
In 2005 (about the time Goldenvoice replaced Spaceland ) Frank, Garo and Ellermeyer open up the Ex_Plex (now called Echoplex) underneath the Echo. It's about 2.5 times the size of the Echo.

In late 2009 Frank hires Shannon Cornet to replace Jennifer Tefft as booker at "Club Spaceland." Tefft starts booking shows at the Bootleg Theater for the Fold.

In late 2010 Jeff Wolfram parts ways with Spaceland Productions and announces he's hired Jennifer Tefft back as his in-house booker. Since Frank owns the name "Spaceland," Wolfram renames his bar "The Satellite."


Anonymous said...

big yawn! Long Live Spaceland. Satelite = rip off.

Ana said...

sounds like anonymous is Mitchell Frank.

Anonymous said...

wow, and why? this is gunna suck shit!

duke said...

thanks for those insightful, informed comments. we all feel a little more intelligent now..