Monday, November 08, 2010

Shakeup In Silver Lake

Just got a press release making it official - Spaceland Productions will no longer be booking the club at 1717 Silver Lake Blvd (aka Spaceland). The press release mentions that Mitchell Frank and his business partner Jeff Ellermeyer "will open a new room for live music with a strong leaning towards dance nights and djs." No word yet on the whens or the wheres of the new club (although there are plenty of conflicting rumors floating around out there).  

So what's to come for the club at 1717 Silver Lake Blvd? It's going to be renamed Satellite wth the same ownership (Jeff Wolfram) and same managment. Liz Garo and Shannon Cornett will no longer be booking it. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but Spaceland Productions' press release mentions that booking for the Satellite will move "in house." People who happened to be at the club last Thursday and Friday might have thought they were having a flashback, but I can tell you that I saw former booker Jennifer Tefft hanging out at the club both nights (I don't think I'd seen her there since she stopped booking the club about a year ago). We'll have to wait for the press release for something official...

No worries if you've got tickets for the Melvins' residency (or any other currently booked shows). The shows will go on.  

[Update: Bronson is confirming Tefft is back as the booker]
[That horrible iPhone photo is from White Denim's show last Tuesday.]

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