Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Music Releases - 11/11/08

We're getting to that weird pre-Christmas, slow release schedule. Mostly reissues and major pop releases this time of the year. While the music snobs are most interested in the new Love Is All record, I will once again recommend The Henry Clay People (which came out nationally last week). I'm pretty afraifd of The Flaming Lips' Christmas On Mars....

New Music Releases 11/11/08:

Local Releases:
The Bronx: Bronx III (White Drugs) – Off the major label and doing their own thing now. They’re a good band, but I haven’t heard this new onAt the Echo on 12/5/08

The Henry Clay People: For Cheap or For Free (Autumn Tone) – Read my review of this record from 10/3/08. I totally slept on the fact that it came out last week. It’s one of my most listened to records of the year. Recommended.
See them live at the Echoplex on 11/18/08 or at Spaceland on 12/31/08
Order direct from the label HERE
MP3: Something in the Water
MP3: Working Part Time

Spindrift: The West (Beat Records) – Haven’t heard it yet. At Amoeba Hollywood on 11/18/08
MP3: The New West

Other Noteworthy Releases:
Christina Aquilera - greatest hits
David Archuleta - American Idol runner-up
Burial – DJ Kicks
Tracy Chapman
Danielson – retrospective; MP3: Animal in Every Corner (version of lil restraint) – At the Troubadour on 11/15/08
The Flaming Lips – Christmas on Mars DVD
Free Blood
Charlie Haden
Longwave – At the Troubadour on 12/10/08
Love Is All – At the Echo on 11/16/08
The Nerves – compilation
New Order – five reissues
Pig Destroyer
The Postmarks – cover album
The Smiths – greatest hits
Taylor Swift
Various Artists – Brushfire label Christmas comp
Vetiver – covers EP
Wintersleep – At the Troubadour on 11/19/08
Denison Witmer
Zack and Miri – soundtrack


ringhoff said...

Afraid that it's going to be scary or afraid that it's going to suck after it's taken so long to make and come out?

Satisfied '75 said...

thx for the HCP nod.

lets grab the beers soon.

Duke said...

afraid Christmas on Mars is going to suck. i couldn't bring myself to go to the screening....