Friday, March 27, 2009

Groupee's Top 30 Emerging SoCal Artists

In late January, asked me (and eight others) to submit our 15 top up and coming bands in the LA / Long Beach / OC / San Diego area. The rules were pretty loose. The band couldn't have released more than two full length albums, couldn't have recieved any major radio airplay (bands like SSPU and TATE) and we couldn't vote for bands we're in (not a problem for this tone deaf blogger).

The list was recently published.

The Top 10 from Groupee's Emerging 30:
1) The Henry Clay People
2) Red Cortez
3) Avi Buffalo
4) The Happy Hollows
5) The Parson Red Heads
6) Afternoons
7) Radars to the Sky
8) The Sweet Hurt
9) The Voyeurs
10) Les Blanks

Check out the full list HERE.

A couple of observations:

10 of my 15 selections appeared in the top 30 but three of my top five did not.
The Movies snuck in at #30, but I didn't vote for them, because I didn't consider them eligible (I consider In One Era, American Oil, Based on a True Story to all be full lengths).
I've only seen 15 of the Emerging 30 play live.

Speaking of The Henry Clay People, they were a pretty good choice to top the list. They recently signed with the C3 Management Company out of Austin. Other artists on C3's roster include Sparklehorse, Black Joe Lewis, Heartless Bastards, Thievery Corporation, What Made Milwaukee Famous and Robert Earl Keen (full list). Pretty good company. C3 also has a talent buying/booking arm that books Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Fest, Emo's and Stubb's.

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