Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sinking Radio - Black Joe Lewis "Get Yo Shit"

This is my weekly reminder to point your internet browser to Little Radio tomorrow for the Sinking Radio show. The show broadcasts from Noon to 2:00 PM PST.

Each week on the show, the hosts play an official You Set the Scene pick of the week. My pick for tomorrow's show is "Get Yo Shit" by Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears. I must admit that for the past couple of years (before I actually heard Black Joe Lewis) I was skeptical. What's a young dude in Texas doing calling himself Black Joe? I mean, what kind of shit is that? But several people I respect insisted I check him out, so I finally did. And hearing is believing. 

It's been a disappointingly dull year for new music, so I've been digging into old Stax stuff. That context is perfect for absorbing the new Black Joe Lewis record (coming out next Tuesday on Lost Highway). Produced by Jim Eno of Spoon, Tell 'Em What Your Name Is! is a ten song, 30 minute garage soul joy ride (that's my best Gene Shalit impersonation). "Get Yo Shit" is a strong representation of the fun you get with Black Joe Lewis - forgetting his woman's name, running from the pigs and eating a box of chicken. 

As LA prepares to descend upon Austin, Black Joe Lewis is one of the artists I'm most looking forward to catching. 

Lots of opportunities to see these guys:
Mar 14 2009 7:30P SXSW - The Belmont - Verizon/Texas Music
Mar 14 2009 8:00P SXSW - Red Eyed Fly - FREE SHOW
Mar 17 2009 11:00A SXSW - WOXY session : East Austin Recording
Mar 18 2009 1:30P SXSW - Bourbon Rocks - Paste Day Party
Mar 19 2009 2:00P SXSW - Threadgill’s - Roky Erickson Ice Cream Social
Mar 19 2009 4:00P SXSW - Cedar Street - Filter Magazine Party
Mar 20 2009 4:00P SXSW - Waterloo Records
Mar 20 2009 11:00P SXSW - The Parish - Constant Artists
Mar 21 2009 12:30A SXSW - Buffalo Billiards

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Satisfied '75 said...

he was fantastic at my party sat. night