Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farmer Dave Scher: Flash Forward to the Good Times

Farmer Dave Scher's debut solo record, Flash Forward to the Good Times, comes out next Tuesday via Kemado Records. Now if only he'd bring his Hot Nuts back to LA (he actually packaged and sold hot nuts for a while).

To celebrate the album's release I did a guest post for the Aquarium Drunkard. The post expands on some stuff I've written here about the Beachwood Sparks' formation and also includes brief career synopsis and some words about their continuing legacy on the LA music scene. Read it HERE.

MP3: Farmer Dave Scher - Bab'lone Nights

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silawe said...

why is there always an "Eric" on Justin's page?

I know many of these guys and I would say you were pretty spot on.