Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coachella Lineup Announced

What do you think? I guess the highlights for me would be Jay-Z and Baroness on Friday. On Saturday I'd go see Devo (who I've seen before), the XX and Girls (who I hear aren't very good live). The big draw for me would be Sunday: Pavement (who I've seen a couple of times), Phoenix, Sly and the Family Stone, Gil Scott-Heron and De La Soul.
I have seen as many of these bands as I've seen in years past. Some of the other bands I remember having seen before: PiL (they were good 20 years ago), Echo and the Bunnymen (they play the hits), She & Him (I like M. Ward), Yeasayer (seeing them live made me hate them), White Rabbits (not terribly memorable), Muse (great live band), Faith No More (they were pretty good 20 years ago), Z-Trip (entertaining), the Raeveonettes (I'd rather just listen to their albums), Camera Obscura (I saw a bad show), OCMS (decent), Bassnectar (wanted to drill out my eardrums to make it stop), Edward Sharpe (just too much), Gorillaz (awful), Thom Yorke (I'd rather see Radiohead), Spoon (I'd rather sit at home and listen to the records), Julian Casablancas (I'd rather see the Strokes), Yo La Tengo (did you build a time machine to 1995?), Matt & Kim (cute for a song or two), Local Natives (I'd rather see them at Spaceland)...


Anonymous said...

are you going to post where and when you could have seen almost all of these bands in LA over the past 12 months instead of standing in the desert not being able to drink beer while watching them play?


duke said...

my post from a few years ago really seemed to piss people off. i guess pavement is the big question mark. are they doing a warm up show?

charlie said...

haha they should have left Thom Yorke off the list and called it a surprise guest if he decides to play. Also amusing that Pavement isn't first bill on their day. You're pretty on the ball about everything else.

j said...

Agree with OP

However I would add SDRE. Their reunion shows last year were face melting. I'm surprised their billing was so low. It would be great if they got the outside stage at dusk.

FNM should put on a good performance even if they are missing j martin.

Also its great opportunity to see The Whitest Boy Alive.

Duke, please post those 'secret' shows of the coachella bands that play around that week too.