Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 Non-LA Bands I'd Like to See at SXSW

Fleet Foxes - My New Favorite Band?

Like I said before, you're not going to see everything. Pick a daytime event and a nighttime event and just relaxxxxxx
10 Non-LA Bands I’m Hoping to See at SXSW:

1) Fleet Foxes: The new Fleet Foxes EP on Sub Pop is one of the best things I’ve heard this year. Heavily influenced by classic rock bands like Neil Young, Yes, the Zombies and Dylan I suppose. Sad I missed their recent show at the Troubadour. See them Thursday at 5:30 PM @ Emo’s Lounge; Friday at 3:30 PM @ Emo’s Outside and Midnight @ Bourbon Rocks; Saturday at 4:30 PM @ Palm Door

2) Okkervil River: They put out my favorite record last year and I’ve still never seen them. Sad. See them Wednesday at 11:00 PM @ Austin Music Hall (with Roky Erickson); Thursday 3:50 PM @ Yard Dog; Saturday at 6:05 PM at French Legation Museum and at 9:00 PM @ Stubb’s
Download “Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe

3) Aloha: I don’t love everything they’ve done, but I did love Echoes. I’ve never seen them, and I’ve heard they’re great live. They’re playing the Knitting Factory on the 18th, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. See them Friday at 10:00 PM @ Habana Calle 6 Patio; Saturday at 1:15 PM @ Waterloo Park
Download “Your Eyes

4) Dr. Dog: I’ve only seen them once, but I listened to We All Belong on the way back from Joshua Tree last weekend and loved it all over again. Friday at 11:00 PM @ Cedar Door; Saturday at 1:00 AM @ Emo’s Annex

5) Bon Iver: I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re incredibly boring live, but I’m still curious since I still like the record. Playing the Echo on the 20th, so I won’t cry if I miss them. See him Wednesday at 1:00 AM @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop; Thursday at 3:15 PM @ Parish and 11:00 PM @ Mohawk’s Patio; Friday at 3:00 PM @ Emo’s Outside
Download “Skinny Love

6) Kelley Stoltz: I just love his records. I’ve seen him twice and he was pretty good both times. He’s playing the Troubadour on May 7th, so I may wait to catch him there. See him Wednesday at 4:00 PM @ Counter CafĂ©; Friday at 8:00 PM @ Spiro’s and 11:00 PM @ Bourbon Rocks; Saturday at 5:00 PM @ Jo’s Coffee
Download “Your Reverie

7) The Nobility: These guys are from Nashville and haven’t ever made it out to the West Coast. I’m curious to see if they’re as fun live as they are on disc. See them Friday at 1:00 PM @ Doc’s Motorworks; Saturday at 2:30 PM @ Parts & Labour
Download “Halleluiah Chorus

8) The Explorers Club: They are unashamed to be Beach Boys fans (and I can appreciate that). See them Wednesday at 12:10 PM @ Red Eyed Fly; Thursday at 10:00 PM @ Mohawk; Saturday at 3:30 PM @ Lambert’s
Download “Do You Love Me

9) Grand Archives: Finally picked up their debut LP on Sub Pop and it’s pretty good. The first song blows away the other tracks, but the rest of the album’s growing on me. Once again, sad I missed their recent show at the Troubadour. See them Thursday at 1:30 PM @ Red Eyed Fly; Friday at 10:00 PM @ Bourbon Rocks; Saturday at 4:00 PM @ Cedar Street
Download “Torn Blue Foam Couch

10) Vampire Weekend: I thought they were pretty good on SNL last week. I can’t believe they’re already playing SNL. The ridiculous costumes seem gimmicky, but I it’s fun indie pop. They’re playing El Rey in a couple of weeks, but I neglected to get tickets. See them Thursday at 4:00 PM @ the Parish; Friday in the day @ Stubb’s and 11:00 PM @ Antone’s


Coach said...

How do you think the Hawks will do this year? FF?

Anonymous said...

i saw aloha play to a near-empty spaceland about five years ago. it was so good, i drove down to san diego the next day to see them at casbah with my friend. we were the only two people watching their set. i'm so glad they're still making wonderful music--and that people are catching on.