Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why the Knitting Factory Is Bullshit

Let me apologize ahead of time to the booker and employees of the Knitting Factory; I'm sure they're nice people.

I haven't been to the Knitting Factory in at least two years (and I'm a guy who goes out at least twice a week). But tonight I really wanted to see Aloha. I skipped seeing them at SXSW since I knew I'd have a chance to see them in LA this week. But tonight I lost track of time and didn't leave work until 9:00 PM. I skipped dinner and rushed over to the Knitting Factory assuming I'd get there in time. By the time I got there it was 9:35 and I was too tired to drive around looking for street parking, so I paid $8 to park in the parking garage. I rushed up to the ticket office, looked at the set times and realized that Aloha went on at 9:00. I asked the girl in the ticket booth and she told me that they'd already been on for 40 minutes.

Dejected, I walked back down to my car realizing I'd wasted $8 for nothing and missed a band I really wanted to see. I briefly considered (politely) asking for my money back, but some steroid-fueled DB all pumped up from the gym was blocking one of the lanes and screaming at the parking attendant because he'd lost his parking ticket.


Anonymous said...

The C + C Knitting Factory is a joke. I think everyone who's attending this venue has experienced the same frustration that you have at some point.

Anonymous said...

And h*t*f* was any of this the Knitting Factory's fault?

Duke said...

well, the parking situation is quite obviously their fault. charging $8 to park, effectively doubles the ticket price for most of their shows. a $12 cover charge all of a sudden costs you $20 (not counting the expensive drinks inside). putting set times on the website (like the troubadour and hotel cafe) would obviously clarify any confusion about when bands are playing.

Duke said...

let me say, that i have had a few memorable nights at the knitting factory. i saw the flaming lips put on a great show there. and i saw james mercer and sam beam both do solo sets. if you're able to get a spot in front of the overhang in the main room, the sound isn't too bad.

silawe said...

The Knitting Factory is bullshit because of location, bad bookings (most of the time) and stupid set times. 9 and 10????? stupid. However, you were not so clear about that in your post. In fact you pretty much made it your bullshit night, not the Knitting Factory.
Sorry, but it had to be said.
I love you.

doug kresse said...

I think it's time venues and acts tell us when performances are. And that they try to hold to schedules. I'm 56, have a job, and early shows are fine. But if I drive to LA from OC, I need to plan ahead.

As America 'ages,' venues & artists will need to cater more to older audiences--or at least adapt a bit. Not knowing when shows start excludes people with jobs and/or families from making the plans we need to make.

I'd like to see people of all ages attend more shows & support live music. Uncertain showtimes make that less likely.

Dave Rawkblog said...

Dude they didn't go on till like 9:15 at least. Their set was supposed to start at 8:30, which is what the website (and my ticket stub) said.

Anonymous said...

You Set the Scene is Bullshit.

How does that feel Dukey?

$8 for parking. Big deal, it's Hollywood, it's congested. In Chicago, N.Y., London, any major city it'd be the same or more. Maybe if you left the basement at Mom's house more often you'd know that.

Besides that, it's probably not their parking lot, so they wouldn't set the prices. Not to mention you don't have to park there.

The band went on basically as scheduled and advertised. It seems as if the show was even a bit late, so it's 100% your problem you were late.

You got a lot of nerve to call out the venue publicly, but it's kinda rad you made such a stupid post so everyone can read what a clown you are.

Lou said...

I like the fact that the person killing Duke for raining on the Knitting Factory posted anonymously. Very big of you.