Tuesday, March 11, 2008

LA Sponsored Shows at SXSW

There's a ridiculous amount of day parties and showcases going on at SXSW. I've been using showlistaustin.com to try to figure it a lot of it out.

Here are a few of the LA sponsored happenings at SXSW this week:

Little Radio is hosting day parties at the Red Eyed Fly on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

The Viper Room has shows every day at the Orchid.

Spaceland Productions has a great lineup at their day party at the Lucky Lounge on Thursday. Jaxart and Eenie Meenie co-sponsor the show.

Sean Carlson and the LA Record co-hosts the gigantic Mess with Texas party on Saturday.

Sean Carlson co-presents the Red Seven Party on Wednesday.

The Roxy has a solid lineup at its day party on Thursday at the Belmont.

An Aquarium Drunkard co-hosts Hot Freaks with a lot of other prominent bloggers. They’ve got great lineups on Friday and Saturday at Club Deville and the Mohawk.

IHeartComix hosts a big shindig at Jelly NYC’s Texas Garage on Friday. RSVP here.

Indie 103 has a showcase at the Cedar Street Courtyard on Saturday

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Anonymous said...

Indie 103 will be at Cedar Street not just Saturday, but also Thursday and Friday, as they're sponsoring the Filter Mag showcases. Jonesy's doing live broadcast each day.