Friday, May 02, 2008

Record Review: Mt. Wilson Repeater

For the past couple of weeks, the new Mt. Wilson Repeater album has been the soundtrack to my morning drive. Named after the antenna farms at the top of Mt. Wilson in the Angeles National Forest, Mt. Wilson Repeater is a solo/side project from Jim Putnam of the Radar Bros. The sound isn’t a complete departure from the Radar Bros., but does allow Putnam more room for experimentation. Recorded in his backyard studio, the songs are extremely layered. While lyrics are present, they take a backseat to electronic and acoustic textures. There’s a ton of whistling too. As on this year’s Radar Bros. album (and Le Switch’s upcoming record for that matter), Putnam’s studio skills are on display and quite impressive. Recommended for other fans of lush, mellow, melodic sounds.

Download “All Night Every Day

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.mono. said...

Jim Putnam rules! vive la Maids!