Friday, May 16, 2008

New Record Releases: 5/6/08

"I can't keep up/ I can't keep up/ Out of step with the world." That's how I feel trying to keep up with all the record releases. This updates almost two weeks old, but there were a lof of important local releases.....
Records Released on 5/6/08:

Records I’ve Heard:
Elvis Costello: Momofuku (Lost Highway) – Elvis Costello has had a long and varied career. I’m one of the fans that isn’t along for the ride on everything. My favorites are: My Aim is True, This Year’s Model and Armed Forces. While the next few have their definite moments, I honestly haven’t paid that much attention for the last 20 years. This one’s recommended for old school Elvis Costello fans. The record was recorded and mixed very quickly and has a sense of urgency and sloppiness that I admire on those early records. I give it bonus points for Jenny Lewis, Johnathan Rice and Farmer Dave Scher appearing on the record. At the Hollywood Bowl on 5/27/08

Earles & Jensen Present: Just Farr a Laugh Vols. 1 & 2 (Matador) – You’re probably not surprised that my sense of humor is extremely juvenile. These are all ridiculously silly prank phone calls, most of which made me laugh out loud. Get a buttload of free MP3s (and ringtones) at Matador’s website. Download “Christopher Fucking Cross

Matmos: Supreme Balloon (Matador) – All synthesizers, no microphones. Pretty light album getting mostly good reviews. At the Echoplex on 7/13/08. Download “Rainbow Flag

Morning State: You Know People I Know People – Indie pop-punk band (but not in a cheesy way) out of Atlanta. Spin compares them to Nada Surf. It’s a pretty fun record. Download “Spectacular

((sounder)): Good Things Come and Go Like Bad Things (Volcom) – This is a musical project from the visual artist, Mike Aho and photographer Steve Stratton. Local artists Mel Kadel and Travis Millard contribute backing vocals and will appear in one of the videos. Matt from the Cold War Kids mixed it. Solid indie rock.

Local Interest:

Everest: Ghost Notes (Vapor) – The All Music Guide says “if you distilled Dark Side of the Moon, Pet Sounds and Revolver into a glass and poured it over the California surf, it would probably sound like this.” That’s about the highest praise you could give a band like Everest. I’ve written about these guys a ton already and this record doesn’t disappoint (it’s an early candidate for my end of the year top 10 list). I’m still patiently waiting for the vinyl. Highly recommended. See them at Spaceland on 6/16/08

Nik Freitas: Sun Down (Team Love) – Haven’t heard the record yet, but I enjoyed his recent set at Spaceland. He’s currently out on the road opening for Rilo Kiley. Download “All the Way Down” and “Sundown

Meho Plaza: Meho Plaza (Better Looking Records) – Noisy local band that’s (starting) to get some love on Pitchfork. At the Smell on 5/31/08. Download “I Sold My Organs” and “The Beach

No Age: Nouns (Sub Pop) – Noisy Crass loving local vegan band that’s gotten a whole lotta love from Pitchfork. Download “Eraser

Nobody Presents Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol. 2 (Ubiquity) – Producer Nobody along with singer Niki Randa.

Things I’ll Hunt Down:
Cheap Time: Cheap Time (In the Red) – The Other Music record store in NYC gave this huge props. Nashville kids influenced by early Sparks (not the shitty drink) and the Runaways. At the Echo on 7/30/08.
Van Duren: Are You Serious? (Water) – I’m a sucker for these lost classics. Other Music says: “It's a perfect mix of Todd Rundgren, Emitt Rhodes, Badfinger, Raspberries, and Big Star.”

Other Noteworthy Releases:
Animal Collective EP, Ersi Arvizu, Neil Diamond [Hollywood Bowl 10/1 – 10/2], Tim Fite [Troubadour 5/21], Four Tet EP, Gossip live, IAMX, Simon Joyner reissue, Kayo Dot, The Last Shadow Puppets, Lykke Li EP (mp3) [El Rey on 5/19], Jade McNelis, The Morning Benders (mp3) [Wiltern on 5/19], Nortec Collective [Hollywood Bowl on 9/21], Pattern Is Movement, The Republic Tigers (mp3), Russian Circles [Troubadour on 6/15], Shy Child (mp3), Spoon: A Series of Sneaks, Girls Can Tell on vinyl [Hollywood Bowl on 9/20]

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