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Ticket Giveaway/Interview: Brette from The Parson Red Heads

Ever since hearing “Punctual as Usual” a few years ago, I’ve been a fan of the Parson Red Heads. They’re gearing up for the release of, Orangufang, an extremely limited edition 7” available this Tuesday through Jaxart Records. You can pre-order HERE or hit up their show Tuesday night at the Echo (with Castledoor on the bill). I've got a few pairs of tickets to give away. Email me [dukeufo at gmail] with the name of your favorite Parsons' song and your full name to win. Contest closes Tuesday at Noon.

To celebrate the release, here’s an interview with the Parson Red Heads drummer, Brette Marie Way, aka Clicker Parson. I always go for the sort of Tiger Beat style interview and she was a great sport about it.

You Set the Scene: How long have you been playing drums? Are you self-taught?

Brette Marie Way: I have been playing the drums for five years. I've had a drum set for ten years, but mostly they collected dust in my room. And they looked really cool. I am pretty much self taught. I took a beginning snare class about a year ago, and have taken a few random one-time lessons.

YSTS: When I told people in Kansas I was moving to Los Angeles, they reacted like I’d just told them I was moving to Jonestown. Do your old friends from Oregon still talk to you? Or did they completely disown you when you told them you were moving to Los Angeles?

BMW: All of my friends in OR are radical. In fact, almost all of them were in the band at one time or another. It makes going up on tour the best, because it's a big reunion! Last time we toured, we stayed in Portland for four days.

YSTS: Very cool. Any hot tips on places to go, or things to do in Oregon? I have some family up in northern Oregon, but I haven’t been to visit since around the time of the Mount St. Helens’ eruption.

BMW: This is what I say - Oregon is all about rivers and ferns and hiking and lying in the sun. I spent most of my time in Southern Oregon doing these things all summer long. Except that I didn't do ferns.

In Portland, my friends have moss growing in that part of their car that is like rubber lips, where the window rises up out of….Moss! On your car all the time!

I think that Oregon is good if you want to pretend to be a hobbit or an elf. There are also a lot of vegan restaurants.

YSTS: When can we expect a new full length? Will you take it out on the road?

BMW: We are going to make a new full length as soon as we have the money. We have all the songs and more. And we will take it on the road as much as we possibly can. If it were up to me anyway.

YSTS: How’d you and Evan meet? How long have been together? [Brette’s married to the Parsons’ lead singer, Evan.]

BMW: Evan and I met in high school. The first time I saw him was in Mrs. Brock's concert choir class when she said, "We have a new student today," and he walked across the room to the tenor section. We were involved in a lot of clubs and such. He was pretty cute but I totally had a different boyfriend.

We started dating at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. We have been together for five years, and married for two and a half.

WAIT! The first time I met him was when a bunch of us went to his house for lumch and played a game called "Magic Pantry."

YSTS: I’m not even going to touch that. My friend Sterling gave me this question… what’s in your purse right now, and why?

BMW: Let me's really boring. Keys. Planner. Chapstick. Checks. Change. Boring. If I could choose to put a cool thing in my purse right now it would be a sugar glider, which is like a tiny flying squirrel that you can train to land on your shoulder.

YSTS: What’s your favorite thing about living in Los Angeles?

BMW: I love the music scene! I love that people move here to do hard, artistic things for a living, and then actually do it! I love that I can actually see my favorite bands live and often! I love that people support each other and are kind. And I love that I can respect my friends so much.

YSTS: How about your least favorite?

BMW: I do not like how there are no rivers. Or ferns or moss.

YSTS: Name your five desert island records.

BMW: Joanna Newsom – Ys., The Beatles - Abbey Road, The Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies, Radiohead - OK Computer, Nick Drake - Pink Moon

YSTS: I’m a huge Muswell Hillbillies and Pink Moon fan too. What’s your favorite film about LA?

BMW: L.A. Story

YSTS: Excellent choice. Your favorite book of all time?

BMW: It's a tie! "A High Wind in Jamaica" by Richard Hughes and "Speaker for the Dead" be Orson Scott Card

YSTS: Interesting. I don’t know either one of those. Any Tivo-able TV?

BMW: Evan and I watch Friday Night Lights on the internet.

YSTS: I love Friday Night Lights. Who are some of your favorite LA bands?

BMW: Here’s just a few. In no particular order: The Henry Clay People, Willoughby, Le Switch, Francisco the Man, The Broken West, The World Record, Castledoor, Everest, The Sweet Hurt, Dawes, The Happy Hollows, Idaho Falls, Flashing Red Lights, Princeton, Fool’s Gold

YSTS: Thanks for your time Brette!

MP3: Raymond

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