Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Elliott Smith: "Come To Me"

Flyer from the 1/12/03 Spaceland Show
Here’s my weekly reminder to tune-in to Sinking with Sylvia (and Sometimes Todd) tomorrow from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST on Little Radio. One of my favorite local bands, Le Switch, will be performing live on air. Little Radio recently renovated their studios and can now accommodate full band performances. Tomorrow, Le Switch will be doing about five songs.

Each week I pick a song, Sylvia and Tood play it and then I write about it here. On 2/28/08, in honor of Spaceland’s 13th Anniversary, I picked an unreleased Elliott Smith song called “Come To Me (mp3).” The version of the song they played came from a bootleg from his Spaceland show on 1/12/03.

As I’ve said before, I saw Elliott Smith perform live more than I’ve seen about any other artist. The first time I saw him (5/6/07) was an accident really. I went to No Life Records (the long ago shuttered indie record store that was on Santa Monica Boulevard across from Formosa) for a Pete Krebs in-store and Elliott was also playing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Elliott played earlier that day on Morning Becomes Eclectic (you can listen HERE or download HERE). Anyway, Krebs was pretty good, but Elliott Smith was amazing.

From 1997-1999 Elliott played a shitload of amazing shows around LA (especially after he moved here). I was lucky enough to see him at Spaceland, Silverlake Lounge, the Derby, the Roxy, Largo, Troubadour and El Rey. I was never friends with him, but guys like Aaron Embry, Jason Mason and Aaron Espinoza probably have a ton of great stories. I did talk to him on a number of occasions (he was always so nice) and after one of the Roxy shows I went to the Brass Monkey with a group of people and watched him do karaoke. I feel lucky to have seen him so many times during his peak period. I moved to Austin in 1999 and managed to see him a few times there. By the time I moved back to LA in 2002 the shows didn’t feel quite as magical, but were starting to get better again.
A couple of good resources:
Sweet Adeline
Download the Spaceland show from 1/12/03 HERE.


Dave Rawkblog said...

you have no idea how jealous i am

best songwriter ever

Thomas said...

Hey there, cool blog. I never got a chance to see Elliott play, i'm from Irelnd he only played one show here. Could i ask what songs he sang for kareoke? If you remember that is...