Thursday, April 10, 2008

Los Angeles Venue Updates

As reported by the LA Times, Largo will be moving from its cozy Fairfax location to the Coronet Theatre at 366 N. La Cienega. According to the LA Times: “The Coronet seats 280 in the main room, compared with 120 at the Fairfax venue; it also has a smaller space with a capacity of about 90 where Flanagan plans to book developing bands and comedians.” 280 will make it about the same size as the Echo, Spaceland and Troubadour.

The last thing listed on the old Largo’s site appears to be the Paul F. Tompkins show on 5/3 for $10. According to Paul F. Tompkins’s Myspace page, he’ll have his first show at new Largo on 6/7 for $20. I’m sad to see the old Largo go. I’ve been going there for years and when my friend Jerry moved to LA in 2003, he dragged me there about once a week. I’ve seen a lot of great Jon Brion shows as well as David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Flight of the Conchords and countless others. On a positive note, maybe it will be a little easier to get in to see Jon Brion’s Friday night shows now.

Aimee Mann also has a couple of shows booked at the new Largo in June. According to Largo’s website, Randy Newman is not currently booked to play any shows at the new Largo (at the Coronet). In other Largo news, the Largo film will premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival this June. No word on the exact date. Apparently there’s an article on Largo in an upcoming issue of the New Yorker.

In other LA venue news, the Scene Bar in Glendale is seriously curtailing the number of live shows it presents. Apparently some of the old owners dropped out and the remaining owner has something new in mind. There are still quite a few shows booked for April, but only two or three going in May.


Nathaniel said...

old Largo is 2 blocks from me, so I'm sad to see it go. but if it means not being forced to purchase mediocre Italian food to see Brion, I'm on board.

ps. great blog. thanks for weekly show recommendations.

Duke said...

thanks. i always liked that honey coated chicken breast with mashed potatoes. and the guinness of course.