Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Music Releases: 6/17/08

Here's some quality, week old information you can use. These are the new music releases from Tuesday, June 17th. Of course the big release was the new Coldplay (over 700k sold in the first week). A lot of you probably picked up the new Wolf Parade too....

Records Released on 6/17/08:

Records I’ve Heard:

Noa Babayof: From a Window to a Wall (Language of Stone) – She’s a folky, Israeli singer-songwriter inspired by Joni Mitchell and Vashti Bunyan. Greg Weeks of the Espers recorded this album. Download “Indian Queen

Children of the Sixth Root Race: Songs from the Source (Drag City) – A lost 1973 rehearsal from the Source family. It doesn’t get more hippie than this. The sound quality is decent for a rehearsal from the early 1970s. There’s a bit of an R’n’B vibe with some organs and a female choir.
Download “Godmen

King Khan & the Shrines: The Supreme Genius of King Khan & the Shrines (Vice) - An Indian from Canada leading a multinational group playing Nuggets meets Stax tunes with punk attitude. This is a compilation of previously released tracks, but it’s the first time they’re getting wide distribution in the US. It’s on Vice Records and includes liner notes written by one of the guys from the Black Lips. It’s a fun record (probably even better live) and a sound that never goes out of style. See them at the Echo on 7/10/08. Download “Torture

Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue (Sony Legacy) – Very well put together reissue of Wilson’s lost classic. I’ve written about this record a couple of times before. There’s so much sadness in some of these songs, it can be incredibly tough to listen to. The reissued package includes the previously unreleased Bambu sessions. Highly recommended for Beach Boys junkies.

On the shopping list:

Silver Jews: Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (Drag City) – That voice isn’t for everybody, but he writes great lyrics. Download “Strange Victory, Strange Defeat” See them live at the Echoplex on 9/26/08.

Other Noteworthy New Releases:
Adem covers album
Eef Barzelay
Bowerbirds remastered
Chromeo deluxe edition [Fonda 7/30/08]
Coldplay [Forum 7/14/08 – 7/15/08]
Computer vs. Banjo (mp3)
Jason Falkner – Beatles covers
Head Like a Kite
IAMX [El Rey 9/15/08]
The Impossible Shapes (mp3)
Judas Priest
Liquid Liquid reissue
Jon Mueller & Jason Kahn
My Brightest Diamond
The Notwist
Ponytail (mp3)
Reggie and the Full Effect [Avalon 8/26/08]
Melissa St. Pierre
Tilly and the Wall [Echoplex 7/10] (mp3 and mp3)
Valient Thorr [Troubadour 8/15/08]
The War on Drugs
Wolf Parade (mp3 and mp3) [The Fonda on 7/18/08 – 7/19/08]

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