Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Music Releases: 6/3/08

Guess Weezer's the biggest release, but I was most excited about Fleet Foxes....

Albums released on 6/3/08:
Things I've Heard:
Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop) – These guys are my candidate for newcomers of the year. They were the highlight of SXSW. I loved their debut EP. Even with all those expectations, their debut full length still managed to impress me. The band harmonizes so well. They’re just kids, but their influences are classic rock and folk. While a lot of people have compared them to My Morning Jacket (his voice does sound a bit like Jim James) they probably draw more from Yes. Very impressive debut.
Highly Recommended.
Download “White Winter Hymnal
See them at the Echo on 6/28/08 and Spaceland on 6/29/08

Ladytron: Velocifero (Nettwerk) – Ladytron’s a band that I’ve always liked, even though I don’t tend to listen to synth or electro-pop. Their music has a darkness and bite to it that help it transcend the genre. If I went to dance clubs, this is the type of (new) music I’d actually enjoy hearing. This is another solid release.

Shearwater: Rook (Matador) – Unlike Ladytron (a band I like in a genre I don’t), Shearwater’s a band I’ve never gotten into, in a genre I love. I mean, on paper I should absolutely adore them. Jonathan Meiburg, the main guy in Shearwater was, until very recently, also in Okkervil River (who put out my favorite record last year). Both bands play dramatic, orch-indie rock, so what’s my problem? Meiburg has a love it or hate it voice. While his fans will tell you he’s got one of the best voices around, it tends to make me cringe. The voice works for me when he’s pissed off (“Century Eyes”) but makes me want to punch him when he gets all precious (“Home Life”). Listen for yourself. I think the music’s interesting, but I just can’t get over the voice. Download “Rooks” and “Leviathan, Bound

On my shopping list:
Centro-Matic / South San Gabriel: Dual Hawks (Misra) – Will Johnson’s another guy with a love it or hate it voice. This time I tend to really like it. He conveys a lot of emotion with a lot less range than a guy like Jonathan Meiburg. Download “I, the Kite” and “Trust to Lose

Other noteworthy new releases:
The Accidental, Adem covers album, Ashanti, Crystal Castles vinyl [Roxy on 6/11/08], The Futureheads, The Gang, Jean Grae, Ed Harcourt [Spaceland on 6/4/08], Harvey Milk, Islands vinyl, Jaguar Love EP, Joshua James, The M’s, Aimee Mann [Largo on 6/2 & 6/3/08], Manu Chao remix EP, The Mother Truckers, Oppenheimer, Paper Rival [Knitting Factory 7/5/08], The Pinker Tones, Radiohead best of [Hollywood Bowl 8/24-8/25/08], Gavin Rossdale, Sebadoh: Bubble & Scrape deluxe reissue, She & Him vinyl, Stars Like Fleas, Subtle, Thank You, The Ting Tings [Troubadour 6/13/08], The Virgins [Wiltern on 6/21/08], Weezer, Gary Wilson DVD

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