Friday, February 17, 2006

Album Review: Band of Horses

Name: Band of Horses
Album: Everything All the Time
Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: 3/21/06
Local Appearance: 3/22/06 @ King King w/ Earlimart

Highly Recommended Seattle's Band of Horses play reverb drenched melancholy rural indie rock. The two main guys used to be in a band called Carissa's Weird that I never heard. I got an advance of this about a month ago and my girlfriend predicted I'd be sick of it in a week. She was wrong, because I'm still enjoying it almost daily. She also thinks the lead singer sounds like Jon Anderson of Yes. He does have a falsetto but I'd peg it somewhere between James Mercer of the Shins and Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Sub Pop's publicist calls his voice a blend of Wayne Coyne, Doug Martsch and Brian Wilson. I don't have the lyrics and they're hard to understand. They've toured with Iron & Wine and Okkervil River and if you like those bands you might like them.

1. The First Song - Something about snow, Christmas, overcoats and not knowing anyone. Very good song.
2. Wicked Gil - download demo version - The demo doesn't do the final version justice, but it's all they've made available. Something about evil people and "why do I even care?" Another very good song.
3. Our Swords - Falling on our own swords tonight. Good song.
4. The Funeral - download demo version I gave you links so you can compare the demo to the final version. This is probably my favorite track on the record and the most rocking. Something about holding you down and funerals.
5. Part One - They're not rocking as hard on this one. Road weary love song. Good.
6. The Great Salt Lake - Another candidate for best song. "There's country music playing but he don't like it at all." "If you find yourself falling apart."
7. Weed Party - Another really good one. Parents aren't enforcing the law.
8. I Go To The Barn Because I Like The - Mellow track. I'll wait outside for you in a worn out suit and tie. Really good track.
9. Monsters - Gentle plucked banjo. "Awful people they surround you." They're just like monsters who come to feed on us. Another really good track.
10. St. Augustine - Mellow acoustic track. Good track.

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silawe said...

Did I say Jon Anderson? I could have sworn I said Geddy Lee.