Thursday, February 23, 2006

Weekend Live Music Picks

Here's a look at this weekend's shows....

Friday 2/24/06
Robert Pollard @ Knitting Factory [$17.50] - For the indie rockers. I finally got the new record and it sounds just like Guided By Voices. 26 songs in 70 minutes. Some are gems and some you only want to hear once. He's joined onstage by Tommy Keene and Superchunk's drummer.
Download "Dancing Girls and Dancing Men" (one of the poppy upbeat songs off the album)

ESG / Future Pigeon @ the Echo [$23] - Late 70's Bronx legends shaped hip-hop, no wave and house music. I don't know if theses sisters still have it or not?

Burning Brides / Prodigal Sunn @ Spaceland - Hard rock and hip hop on the same bill? WTF?

Saturday 2/25/06
Arthur Ball @ the Echo [$22] - Joanna Newsom - I like a lot of folk music and honestly gave her a chance but her voice and that harp makes me want to kill. Brightblack Morning Light - Will Oldham approved hippies. OM - Drone metal. Pearls & Brass - Blues metal on Drag City. Colleen - French electronic/acoustic composer. A friend gave me this CD and I didn't get through it once. There's a bunch of others on the bill....

Minus 5 / Robyn Hitchcock @ Key Club [$18] - It would take more than this to get me to brave the Sunset Strip on a Saturday night.

The Wedding Present @ Troubadour [$15] - One of my friends told me that they filled the void for her after the Smiths broke up. Reunited C-86 era indie pop.

Mike Stinson @ Molly Malone's [$5] - My favorite local country performer.

Sunday 2/26/06
Arthur Ball @ the Echo [$22] - The 5:15ers - The first appearance of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Chris Goss (Masters of Reality). As of three weeks ago they didn't have any songs and said Homme said it was "art fag" music. Lavender Diamond - Local band that's starting to get some national publicity. Town and Country - Chicago band on Thrill Jockey. Morris Tepper - Local guitarist with PJ Harvey on bass. There are others on the bill.....

Eleni Mandell @ Fold/Tangier [$10] - KCRW approved sultry singer.


StanHalen said...

so, Joanna Newsom makes you wanna kill? Does that mean you like her music or not, because you could kill out of deep love or profound hate... which one is it, bud?

Duke said...

maybe kill is a little harsh. i can take her voice in small doses. at least she's unique...