Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weekend Live Music Options

Archer Prewitt was a bit of a snoozer last night at Spaceland. Here's a little advance warning for the weekend shows. That's Kelley Stoltz in the photo....

Friday 2/17/06
Patrick Park @ Hotel Cafe - He's a talented local singer-songwriter. His last album would have been better with just voice and guitar instead of some of those arrangements.
Download "Life Is a Song"

Ralph Stanley @ Royce Hall [$35-45] - Gospel/bluegrass/country legend who you remember from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

Aceyalone / RJD2 @ Amoeba 6:00 PM [FREE] - Chance to see him for free before his El Rey show.

Aceylalone /RJD2 @ El Rey [$20] - Backpack hip-hop

Saturday 2/18/06
Kelley Stoltz / The Drones @ the Echo 6:00 PM [$8/$10 dos] - This is my pick for the weekend. I'm really enjoying the Kelley Stoltz record right now. If you like the idea of a poppier Smog then you'll probably like it too. He got a great four star review in Mojo Magazine this month. Early show. I heard Stoltz goes on at 8:00PM sharp with the Drones before him.
Download Kelley Stoltz's "The Sun Comes Through"
Download The Drones' "The Down Bound Train (live)"

Early Man / The Sword / Priestess @ Spaceland [$10] - A night of metal bands who worship Judas Priest. I saw Early Man a couple of months ago and they were pretty good if you're into that sorta thing.
Download Early Man's "Death Is the Answer"

Saint Etienne @ Avalon [$21.50] - For the indie electronic fans. I've never been a fan, but I know a lot of people who are.

Sunday 2/19/06
GoGoGo Airheart @ the Echo [FREE] - San Diego band on the GSL label. Kicking off their tour...
Download GoGoGo Airheart's "So Good"

Rademacher @ Spaceland [FREE] - This will be a little mellower night of rock than the Echo and it's free too.
Download Rademacher's "Playing For Fun"


StanHalen said...

i just hope the crowd at the The Hotel Cafe on a Friday night is more considerate to Patrick Park than it was for The Good Listeners a few weeks back.

It was very frustrating to have stupid chicks (and stupid dudes) having conversations at the top of their lungs during the Good Listeners' subdued set.

Revenge of StanHalen said...

Early Man is proud of its Ozzy influence, in the music but mostly in the vocal style. Not saying that's bad - they do their thing confidently.

Anonymous said...

The Sword is supposed to be really really awesome. I actually heard someone say they were the best band in Austin at the moment.