Monday, February 06, 2006

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I only made it out once last week, to see Tom Heinl at Spaceland. He played about 30 minutes and he was funny but has no business headlining a rock club. There were about seven people there on a Wednesday night. He'd be better as an opening act for an alt comedian like David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Eugen Mirman or something like that. How 'bout that Super Bowl? The refs were so bad.

Monday 2/6/06
Future Pigeon / Maktwain @ Silverlake Lounge [FREE] - LA's most popular dub band is back after splitting the free residency with their alterego Wiskey Biscuit last month at the Echo. They've got a 7" coming out on Record Collection on 2/28/06 and a full-length to follow in March. Maktwain is a local post-rock instrumental keyboard guitar band.
Download Maktwain's "Studies in Road Travel"

The Willowz / The Little Ones @ Spaceland [FREE] - What do I know about The Willowz? They're young, garage rock-inspired and hail from behind the Orange curtain. They record for Sympathy for the Record Industry. Placed #46 on Rolling Stone's list of top 50 albums last year. Michel Gondry is a fan and directed one of their videos. Keith Morris guested on their record. They're playing for free at Spaceland every Monday night in February. If you're only going to see them once wait until next week when Wolfmother supports. The Little Ones are a local indie pop band.
Download The Little Ones' "Lovers Who Uncover"

Listing Ship @ the Echo [FREE] - They've got a violin, viola, vibraphone and acoustic bass. Members have toured with the Eels and Arthur Lee and they've opened for Low. Kind of a melancholy indie folk sound. The LA Weekly thinks you should check it out.
Download the Listing Ship's "Ichabod Crane"

Tuesday 2/7/06
Becky @ Spaceland [?] -Becky are a local band that Keanu Reeves used to be in. I think a lot of girls check out the band hoping Keanu will be there. They're playing Spaceland every Tuesday in February. I'm not endorsing them, I just thought you should know....

Wednesday 2/8/06
Chief Corn Foot's Corn Chowder Comedy Hour @ Sea Level Records 8:30PM [FREE] - Joe Rogan, Morgan Murphy, Eddie Pepitone, Josh Fadem. With free beer too!

Mae Shi @ Troubadour [$8] - In your face abrasive rock'n'roll. For fans of 400 Blows and other noise rock.
Download Mae Shi's "Born For a Short Time"

The Living Blue / Light FM @ Spaceland [?] - The Living Blue sounds like a generic alt band. They're on Minty Fresh and they've been championed by Alternative Press. Light FM is a Chicago band that gets compared to Grandaddy & the Cars.

The Brokedown @ Silverlake Lounge [$7] - They're a local indie pop band that Harp Magazine compared to Matthew Sweet, Coldplay, the Church, Fountains of Wayne and Old 97s.
Download The Brokedown's "Down in the Valley"

Foreign Born @ 3 of Clubs (1123 Vine St., Hollywood) - Atmospheric music that's currently getting the blogosphere's attention. They're playing every Wednesday at the 3 of Clubs in February. They're also playing for free on Thursday at the Echo.
Download Foreign Born's "We Had Pleasure"

Thursday 2/9/06
Sabrosa Purr / Jeff Hanson @ Spaceland [?] - Sabrosa Purr is playing every Thursday in February. They've got an angsty guitar sound. Jeff Hanson is a singer-songwriter with one of the highest falsettos you'll ever hear (at least from a man). He sounds a lot like an affected Elliott Smith (doubletracked vocals and acoustic guitar) and he's even on Kill Rock Stars.
Download Jeff Hanson's "Hiding Behind the Moon"
Download Jeff Hanson's "Just Like Me"

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silawe said...

Becky is not as bad as you would think. I find them a bit more interesting than Sabrosa Purr. You just have to be into basic rock with female singers.