Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Live Music Options Tuesday 6/26/07

The National Plays the El Rey Tonight

I finally made it out to see Qui with newest member David Yow. They were a powerful two piece before. By adding Yow, they've got more of a focal point for the crowd's attention. He pretty much sings/speaks nonsense into the microphone and if you're a politically correct and easily offended, it's best not to listen too hard. He works the stage so hard you can't take (read: are afraid to) take your eyes off of him. At any point he's equally likely to leap into the crowd, slam the microphone down or simulate nose picking. Matt Cronk (guitarist) and Paul Christensen (drums) are both talented musicians who end up sweaty messes by the end of the set. For fans of abrasive, kick you in the scrotum, odd time signature punk rock.
Tonight's Pick:
The National / The Broken West @ El Rey (Sold Out) – I finally picked up the National’s new record so I could give it the proper listens. The Broken West are one of my favorite LA bands with one of my most listened to albums of the year so far.
Let’s Independent: Bedroom Walls / Tandemoro / Frankel @ Boardner’s (Free) – Download Bedroom Walls’ “In Anticipation of Your Suicide” and “Somewhere in Newhall” Go to Tandemoro’s website to download 13 songs. This is another really solid lineup picked by Joe at Radio Free Silver Lake.
Other Shows:
Rodrigo Y Gabriela @ the Ford Amphitheatre (Sold Out) – Mexican, acoustic guitar fiends.
Snoop Dogg @ Henry Fonda ($50) – This sounds entertaining.

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