Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Night Music Options 6/28/07

Anybody make it to the McCartney show last night at Amoeba? It sounded amazing an hour and a half long performance, tons of Beatles songs and Ringo was even in attendance. Check out Amoeba's review HERE orBob Lefsetz's review HERE.

Tonight's Pick:
Xu Xu Fang / Secretary Bird @ the Echo ($7) – Record Release party for Xu Xu Fang. Scott at Little Radio had some really nice things to say about Xu Xu fang recently. And Bronson recently had some really nice things to say about Secretary Bird.

Other Options:
The Mooney Suzuki / The Photo Atlas / War Tapes @ Spaceland ($10) – The Mooney Suzuki used to be a really good garage revival band (and great fun to see live). Then they decided to sell out. I haven’t heard the new one, but I think it’s supposed to be a return to form. Download The Mooney Suzuki’s “99%

The Album Leaf / Arthur & Yu / Under Byen @ El Rey ($15) – The Album Leaf is Jimmy Lavelle from Tristeza. Seems like it might splinter the same crowd as the Troubadour tonight. Arthur & Yu’s getting some nice blog / hipster love for its new album on Sub Pop offshoot.

Paul and Oates @ Taix (Free) – This is Matt and Paul from Qui. Believe it or not, they have a Hall and Oates/easy listening cover band. I hear it’s entertaining.
Low End Theory: Free Moral Agents (featuring Ikey from Mars Volta) / The Grouch @ the Echoplex ($5) – They finally moved the club to the Echoplex.
The Locust / The Mae Shi / Sleeping People @ Troubadour ($15) – For the noise rock / math rock / challenging rock fans.
Castledoor / Gran Ronde @ the Silverlake Lounge
Steel @ Canter’s Kibbitz RoomMonsters are Waiting / Mellowdrone (acoustic) / Gliss / David Lovering of the Pixies @ the Roxy ($12)
HDR / Sky Parade @ Viper Room ($10)

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