Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Live Music Pick 9/27/06

Tonight's Pick:
NME night w/ Gliss @ Spaceland ($8) – They’re a local band that gets more love in the UK than here, so it seems appropriate they’re playing the NME night. The RSVP list may or may not be closed. Might be worth a shot. From Myspace: “Just email "" with your first and last name and we'll put you on the list.”
Gliss has 3,100 friends on Myspace

Also Playing:
Nina Nastasia / Tom Brosseau / Ferraby Lionheart @ Silverlake Lounge ($12)
Nina Nastasia has 474 friends on Myspace.
Tom Brosseau has no Myspace page
Ferraby Lionheart has 3,961 friends on Myspace.

Cibelle @ Tangier ($12) – From Rolling Stone: “Cibelle is a young Brazilian singer-songwriter who combines bossa nova and samba sounds of the Fifties and Sixties with modern electronics.” She has 2,757 friends on Myspace.

Snow Patrol @ Wiltern (Sold Out) – If you like Coldplay….


Mary said...

Tom Brosseau does have a myspace page

Duke said...

thanks for pointing that out. i thought it was kind of cool when i didn't think he had one. he's talented and has 2,990 friends.