Thursday, September 21, 2006

MP3 Shuffle 9/21/06

Since I've never been that much into discovering (read: hyping) the latest bands, and I get bored writing about the same bands over and over again, I figured I'd try something new. Here's the first ten songs that played when I hit Shuffle on my MP3 player today.

1) The Ladies “Recycler 1A” – I liked the Ladies’ record when it first came out, but I never listen to it anymore. This is a 17 second instrumental track. The kind of thing you don’t even notice when you put your MP3 player on shuffle.
2) Elvis Presley “Kentucky Rain” – I hardly ever listen to Elvis. When I do it’s usually earlier stuff. It’s an OK song, but I wouldn’t miss it if I never heard it again.
3) Sufjan Stevens “Saul Bellow” – Probably one of the best songs on the Avalanche record, although I think that album probably should have been an internet only thing.
4) Soundtrack of Our Lives “21st Century Rip Off” – I really liked this record when it first came out in 2001, but I burned myself out on it. Still sounds good when I hear it.
5) Spoon “30 Gallon Tank” – Not one of my favorite songs off of Series of Sneaks, but still pretty darn good. This is the rare Spoon song that seems to go on a bit too long. I still like all of their records though.
6) Wilco “Thirteen” – I’m not even sure where I got this from. Wilco covering one of my favorite Big Star songs. Of all the people who covered this song, I dig Elliott Smith’s version the most. This version’s also worth tracking down, but maybe the tempo's slowed down a little too much.
7) Pink Floyd “Matilda Mother” – Classic Syd Barrett track from the first (and my favorite) Pink Floyd album.
8) The Small Faces “Here Comes the Nice” – Part of the joy of putting your MP3 on shuffle is weird accidents like this. An ode to the drug dealer that comes right after a song by one of rock's most famous drug casualties. It also happens to be a really good single.
9) Wilco “In a Future Age” – I don’t have an IPod for a few reasons (don’t want to be forced into iTunes, I wanted a line in plug on my MP3 player, I wanted a radio tuner, I liked having a color screen, I found a cheaper alternative). Unfortunately the database program on my IRiver is crap. I need to look into upgrades. Anyway, I’m always getting two songs by the same artist in close proximity. One of the lesser tracks from Summer Teeth (my favorite Wilco record) but still a really good song.
10) Pandamonium “No Presents For Me” – Do you own Nuggets? How about Nuggets 2? This is from Nuggets 2. I don’t know anything about it because I don’t have the liner notes in front of me. Decent stuff.

Out of 5,600 songs, these are the ten that popped up.....


Anonymous said...

what, no Steppenwolf? Springsteen? Cannibal Corpse?

Duke said...

i do have some springsteen on here. i've got nothing against steppenwolf. but don't know much about cannibal corpse.