Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bobb Bruno with Fiona Apple
Tuesday Action (7/10/07):
Tivo Alert: Interpol on Letterman
Book Release Party for Travis Millard @ Jeff Electric [7-10 PM] – 3022 Sunset Blvd. – You might know him from the bathrooms at the Little Joy in LA or the Tap Room in Lawrence, KS or the covers of the Get Up Kids records or the shoes he designed for Vans or the stuff he did at Volcom or any of his other kickass drawings.
Bobb Bruno / Bad Dudes @ Pehrspace ($5) – Bobb Bruno’s a talented musician who’s always up to cool stuff. He used to play with the For Carnation (Brian McMahan’s band after Slint). He currently plays with Imaad Wasif. He just finished touring Europe with Carla Bozulich which means he opened for Wilco in cities like Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. Plus when he plays solo he usually wears a bunny suit.
Also Appearing:
Brett Dennen @ the Fonda ($18)
Klaxons @ El Rey (Sold Out)
Motion City Soundtrack @ Roxy (Sold Out)
photo by: Ellen Tunney

1 comment:

stanhalen said...

"You might know him from the bathrooms at the Little Joy in LA"

I don't know what shenanigans are going on in the Little Joy bathrooms but I can assure you, sir, that I have NEVER participated...

But yeah, I do know him from the bathrooms.