Friday, July 06, 2007

The Decemberists Play the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday

Saturday's Pick:
The Decemberists / Band of Horses / Andrew Bird @ Hollywood Bowl ($20-90) – I was excited about this, then not excited and now I’m getting excited again. I like all three of these bands well enough. Band of Horses’ album is great but I’ve been disappointed the two times I’ve seen them live. Most people I talk to seem to be going to this show, but if you’re a friend and you want to go to this show for free, let me know. I think I have an extra set of tickets. The Decemberists are the ultimate nerd rock band (other than They Might Be Giants, of course). Tickets are still available in pretty much each section.
Also Recommended:
The Rentals / Goldenboy / Shana Levy (of Let’s Go Sailing) @ Spaceland ($18) – The Rentals are doing a Saturday night residency at Spaceland in July. I saw them a year ago at the Fonda and it was a good show. As you’ll remember, Matt Sharp was in Weezer when they were still good.
Clean Air, Clear Stars: Xu Xu Fang / The Sky Drops / Sky Parade / Moon Upstairs / Spindrift / Entrance / Wiskey Biscuit @ Pappy & Harriet’s ($12) – See Friday
Other Options:
Chicago / America @ Greek Theatre (Sold Out)
Pink Mochi @ the Scene ($7)
The Jack Bambis @ the Echo ($8) – Early all ages show at 3:00PM. They’re really young kids (one of them is Robert Downey Jr.’s son) who love Zeppelin. Anthony Kiedis is a big fan.
Check Yo Ponytail: Ocelot / Young Americans @ the Echoplex ($5) – For the indie dance scene.

Sunday 7/8/07
Summer Camp: Great Northern / Coco B’s / The Upside Down @ Little Radio ($10) – Noon – 6:00PM. I’ve gone the past few weeks and always have a good time.
Neil Hamburger @ Spaceland ($8) – The OG indie comedian.
Part Time Punks: Upsilon Acrux @ the Echo ($5)
Clean Air, Clear Stars: Winter Flowers / Flash Express / Gram Rabbit @ Pappy & Harriet’s ($12) – Day 3 of the desert festival.
The Grand Ole Echo: Dan Janisch / Restaurant @ the Echo (Free) – Early show at 5:00PM. I went a couple of weeks ago and it was a cool, laidback scene.


elana said...

I'm quite excited about the Decemberists show, even more excited when my friend offered to buy tickets up front.

I'm a little worried though now that you mention Band of Horses not being so great live, cause that was a HUGE draw for me.

Duke said...

hopefully they're better tonight. the lead singer has charisma, but i've always thought they needed another guitar player to fill out the sound.