Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Night Music Options

Eastern Conference Champions Play the Silverlake Lounge Tonight

As usual, Spoon sounded really good last night at the Little Radio Warehouse. Man was it packed and hot. Some of the new songs came off just as dull live as they do on the record. Fortunately they played the hits during their encore.
Tonight's Action:
Adam Franklin / Black Lips @ the Echo ($10) – For fans of shoegaze. The former frontman for Swervedriver is touring in support of his new solo record. Download Franklin's "Seize the Day" The Black Lips just got added. They're going on at midnight.

Eastern Conference Champions / Vampire Weekend @ Silverlake Lounge ($8) – This is the record release party for Eastern Conference Champions new record (out today). Download ECC’s “The Box” Vampire Weekend’s a group of New Yorkers with a bit of Paul Simon (afro-Paul Simon) influence.
Horses / Who Rides the Tiger / Gort @ the Scene – For fans of noise.
Crowded House @ Troubadour (Sold Out) – Touring in support of their first new album in a long time.
Spoon / The Watson Twins @ Cinespace ($10) – You probably wanna get there early. I normally try to avoid clubs with a velvet rope, but knock yourself out.
The Lonely Years @ Bordello – Joe from the Switch also plays with these gals.
She’s Your Sister / Shiloe @ Spaceland ($5)
Raul Malo @ El Rey ($25) – Frontman for the Mavericks.

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