Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Highlights from Tuesday's Live Music Calendar 9/18/07

Pink Nasty Plays the Silverlake Lounge Tonight

The Echo was a lot of fun last night. Le Switch had their full rocking band and even played a brand new song. Looking around the crowd, I could tell they converted a lot of new fans. The Happy Hollows were as energetic as ever. Bronson compares them to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Pixies, which is a good starting point. Unfortunately I didn't stay around for Rademacher. I blame putting in almost 12 hours at work yesterday. I've heard good things, and I will see them one of these days.
Tonight you have three touring bands who, in all honesty, owe much of their popularity to online music hype. Some for better and some for worse…..

Tuesday's Pick:

Pink Nasty / Bolero @ Silverlake Lounge ($8) – The Aquarium Drunkard is presenting this show and he’s got a couple of Pink Nasty downloads on his site. Pink Nasty’s originally from my home state of Kansas and had my favorite Lawrence guitarist on her last tour (but I don’t think he’s on this tour). She also sang and played on that live Bonnie “Prince” Billy album, Summer in the Southeast. Bolero’s one of my favorite new local bands with one of my favorite LA guitarists, Josh Schwartz (also the lead vocalist).
Download Pink Nasty’s “Don’t Ever Change” (courtesy of Pitchfork)
Also Appearing:

Animal Collective / Wizard Prison @ the Fonda (Sold Out) – Their new album got a 9.3/10 on Pitchfork., the one before it got a 9.0/10 the one before that got an 8.9/10, and the one before that got an 8.6. The only own I own is the one that got an 8.9 (Song Tungs) and I’d give it a 6.0. Based on Pitchfork’s improving scale, and the fact that they seem to get more commercial and less precious with each release, I’ll probably be a fan in about three years. By then they’ll probably be calling themselves David Porter and Noah Lennox instead of Avey Tare and Panda Bear.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Elvis Perkins @ Troubadour (Sold Out) – CYHSY had the undying love of the blogger community until they released their second album. While the first one had five or six good songs, I didn’t hear much on the second effort. Pitchfork gave that first one a 9.0/10 and the second one a 7.2/10. I’d give the first one a 7.8/10 and the second one a 4.6/10. That coupled with the fact that they were terrible when I saw them at El Rey makes me surprised that they were able to sell out three nights at the Troubadour. Obviously a lot of you liked the new one more than I did.

Sinead O’Connor / Damien Dempsey @ Orpheum Theatre ($58) – So what music were you listening to when you lost your virginity? No special reason, I’m just curious….

Nightfur / Mountain Party / Tara Busch @ Bordello ($5)

Nu-tra @ the Echo ($5) – “synth-punk”

CB Brand @ Spaceland – For the country fans. I’ve heard good things about CB Brand and the Myspace stuff sounds good.


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