Monday, September 10, 2007

LA Concert Listings Monday 9/10/07

Spoon Play the Fonda Tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday

The weekend was a blur. We had a large group that occupied the very last two rows in the center section of the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night for Hall & Oates. The sound up there isn't great, but you can be as loud as you want. All the wine and beer led to a lot of chanting for Oates and singing along to Hall. I never expected to ever be at a concert with so many f'ing sax solos. That guy in the purple suit got way more camera time than Oates. And WTF? no "Private Eyes?" A good time anyway.....
Tonight's Picks:
Spoon / Kool Keith @ Henry Fonda (Sold Out) – Spoon can pull off their albums live. They don’t add much, but they do sound exactly like their records. Kool Keith is one of my favorite hip-hop artists. He’s notoriously “eccentric,” so there’s no telling what he’ll perform tonight. Seems like an odd pairing. Tonight’s show is presented by Wired magazine and benefits Creative Commons. Spoon’s playing Tuesday and Wednesday as well.
Lucinda Williams @ El Rey ($35) – Lucinda sounded just as fantastic as always on Saturday night. As she worked her way through Car Wheels on a Gravel Road with the help of her touring band, Steve Earle, Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty’s band), Jim Lauderdale and Allison Moorer made special appearances. There were some extended guitar jams with Doug Pettibone and Mike Campbell showing off. During the performance of Car Wheels, Lucinda did a storyteller thing where she gave a little intro about each song. Not surprisingly, many of the best stories had to do with broken relationships. There was a long intermission after Car Wheels, and the band came back for at least another hour. The whole performance lasted close to three hours. During the encore she played a mix of new and old. One of the highlights was a duet “in the vein of George Jones and Melba Montgomery” with her and Steve Earle. Hopefully she’ll get Earle to record it with her on her next album. Tonight she performs 1988’s Lucinda Williams in its entirety.
Free Local Shows/Residencies:
The Happy Hollows / The Western States Motel / Tigers Can Bite You / The Transmissions @ the Echo (Free) – A very solid lineup featuring several of the next wave of popular new local bands.
Gram Rabbit / Donita Sparks / The Fuxedos @ Spaceland (Free) – I heard Jessica from Gram Rabbit flashed the crowd last week. That’s always a bonus. Donita Sparks was in L7.
The Valley Arena / Meho Plaza @ Silverlake Lounge (Free)
The Airborne Toxic Event @ Viper Room ($10 / free with RSVP through Viper’s Myspace page) – If you still haven’t seen ATE, they’re a super-catchy bouncy, British-inspired local band with a massive following.
Qui Record Release Party @ Cha Cha – They’re not actually playing (that happens tomorrow at the Echo), but they’re hanging out. Don't buy Yow too many drinks.

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