Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Night Live Options 9/13/07

Lots of good options again tonight....

Tivo Alert: Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel

Tonight's Choice Choices:

Filter’s Revenge of the Sunset Strip: Jason Falkner / Castledoor / Annie Stela @ the Roxy ($10) – Another strong lineup from Filter. Jason Falkner doesn’t seem to play many shows these days. Falkner’s been a fixture on the LA pop scene since joining the Three O’Clock in the late 80’s. After that band dissolved he joined the much beloved Jellyfish with Roger Manning and Andy Sturmer. Since then he’s been putting out critically acclaimed solo pop records. Castledoor’s a local band that’s starting to get a lot of heat behind them. They played a popular Silverlake Lounge residency in June and have shared the stage with the Silversun Pickups and Earlimart.

Built to Spill / Camper Van Beethoven / The Delusions @ Henry Fonda Theatre ($18) – Old school indie darlings who I’ve always adored. I plan on seeing them Friday night.

Death to Anders / The Transmissions / The Health Club / One Trick Pony @ Spaceland – I’ve heard a lot about all these guys, but don’t have a lot of first hand knowledge. But the LA Weekly and Flavorpill both think you should check this out. It's a pretty safe bet that you'll like a couple of them.

Indie Schmindie: Thailand / Solare / Io Perry / Gertie Fox @ the Scene ($5) – Presented by Rock Insider – I like Thailand and I’ve heard great things about Solare, so this is a good lineup.

The Brunettes / Ferraby Lionheart / Mezzanine Owls @ Troubadour ($12) – The Brunettes are a promising band from New Zealand; they’re on Sub Pop. Ferraby Lionheart’s a local singer-songwriter on Nettwerk. Mezzanine Owls are a popular local shoegaze band. I hear their new stuff is really good.
Download The Brunettes’ “Small Town Crew

Wolf Parade / Holy Fuck @ El Rey (Sold Out) – Indie darlings. I’ve never gotten into them or any of their side projects.
Download Wolf Parade’s “You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son

Austin James Band / Cavil at Rest @ Silverlake Lounge ($7)

The Hectors @ Charlie O’s in the Alexandria Hotel [501 Spring St.] – They’re also playing the next Let’s Independent on 9/25 at Boardner’s

Where’s Moo @ the Gig

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