Friday, October 13, 2006

Saturday Night = Blogger's Nightmare

Cup Your Hands and Eat Ice Cream

Saturday night's like a blogger's wet dream. But where to go? I'll probably stay home and watch horror movies.

Tonight's Pick
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Takka Takka / Architecture in Helsinki @ the Fonda (Sold Out) – Do you like bands that are heavily influenced by the Talking Heads? Me too (some of ‘em anyway). I really like their album, but then had the misfortune of seeing them live. After looking at the lead singer’s back (and not hearing him enunciate anything) for an hour at their show at El Rey a while back, I probably won’t be seeing them again for awhile. Let me know if I should re-evaluate. Download CYHSY’s “Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Love
Download Takka Takka’s “We Feel Safer at Night

Also appearing:
Thunderbirds are Now! @ Spaceland ($10) – Do you like dancey, post-punk? Then you’ll probably like these guys.
Lily Allen @ Troubadour (Sold Out) – Do you like lite-reggae pop? Me neither, but most bloggers seem to. It helped me realize that a lot of bloggers are just horny dudes. That said, if I owned a record label I would immediately find an American version of this chick. You would bank some serious dough and she seems like she’s probably a really pleasant person to be around. People on Craigslist are willing to pay $150 for your ticket. I’d sell.
Ghostland Observatory / Bodies of Water / Restaurant @ the Echo ($10) – Do you like indie disco? Me neither, but many bloggers seem to.


Passion of the Weiss said...

Im really stupid and I should definitely sell those Lily Allen seats...this has taught me a lesson...making money off buying tickets that you know are going to sell out is the easiest dough you can ever make....I'm going anyway...mainly out curiosity...for a genre of music I generally loathe pop, she's pretty good...which I suppose is like winning a championship in Little League when you're in high school...the odds are pretty stacked.

Duke said...

well - was it worth it?

dan said...

ended up selling mine for 4x face value. dont regret a thing.