Friday, October 06, 2006

Saturday Night Picks 10/7/06

Saturday's Pick:
Eagle Rock Music Festival (Free) – On Colorado in Eagle Rock. - The Movies (8:00PM), The Parson Red Heads (6:00PM), Future Pigeon (8:00PM), Kind Hearts & Coronets (10:00PM), Great Northern (9:30PM), Monsters Are Waiting (10:30PM) - Here’s another chance to pay a lot of money and see Beck or to go see the Movies for free. Hooray for the Movies. I really enjoyed the Parson Red Heads when I saw them too. Unfortunately Future Pigeon and the Movies are at the same time.

Also Happening:
LA Weekly Detour Festival @ Downtown (Main St. & 1st) ($35.50) – Beck, Blonde Redhead, Oh No! Oh My!, Blackalicious, Queens of the Stone Age, Basement Jaxx, Redd Kross – I would really like to see Blonde Redhead.

James McMurtry @ Safari Sam’s ($15) – His dad has written some great stuff.
Patrick Park @ Hotel Café – Very good guitarist and songwriter.
SunnO)) / Celtic Frost @ House of Blues ($35) – For the serious metal freaks.


Mbeanis said...

I have to say the Detour fest was well worth the money. Wired All Wrong stole th eshow for me, but basement jaxx was also awesome.

stanhalen said...

Eagle Rock Music Fest was good, free fun. Wanted to see Parson Redheads but we just missed them. Caught The Movies set, which was unfortunately rough and low budget (they were on a tiny stage and weren't provided a proper P.A. system... drums weren't mic'ed!). Hopefully it won't scare newcomers away from a normally rockin' show.
Great Northern had a really good set and sound... nice harmonies. First time seeing them but I will see them again.
Wasn't too wowed by headliners Monsters Are Waiting. Singer's kinda cute, though.

Duke said...

too bad about the movies. they got added to the lineup kind of late. they're playing little pedro's soon, so that will be better.