Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Top Five New Releases 10/03/06

Beck: The Information (Interscope) – Yeah, I just ripped on his live show at Club Element, but I still wanna hear this (I’m listening to the stream on AOL right now). I’m sure a lot of you have already heard it. What do you think? It was produced by Nigel Godrich and they started the record before Guero (but then Godrich got busy with Paul McCartney). Catch him live at the Detour Music Fest on 10/7. This album currently has a 79 on Metacritic. Last album sold 809k. Not sure if this has a vinyl release date. Grade: ?

The Decemberists: The Crane Wife (Capitol) – I’ve always considered myself a Decemberists fan although I usually only like three or four tracks on each record. This album feels a lot more consistent. Colin Meloy still has a voice that’s going to annoy most people immediately. Apparently the lyrics are loosely based on a Japanese folk tale. Appearing at the Wiltern on 10/21. This album currently has a 92 on Metacritic. The Last album sold 121k. Looks like the vinyl doesn’t come out until 10/17. Grade: B+

The Luxury Liners: Nonetheless (self-released) – One of the guys in this Nashville-based band is a friend of mine. He hasn’t sent me a copy of this yet, so I don’t know what to tell you about it. Supposedly it’s a bit of departure from their previous power-pop albums and features more introspective songs. Download “Breaking Out” Grade: ?

Sean Lennon: Friendly Fire (Capitol) – I’m just as suspicious as you are of a guy who chooses to hang out with Vincent Gallo and the rest of the New York City social scene. Apparently this album is about his rocky relationship with Bijou Phillips (who once flashed her bare ass at me at a party). A big improvement over his last album, the record features interesting arrangements, good performances and really strong production. He’s still got the same voice (at times it’s a struggle to sing in key) which has grown on me. You might be annoyed when he sings about saving the cocaine and diamonds for a rainy day. Is it worth $22.99 (it comes with a DVD)? You’ll have to decide for yourself. His last album sold 62k. Grade: B-

The Pernice Brothers: Live a Little (Ashmont) – I really love Joe Pernice’s lyrics. Of course I’m totally wrong, because Marc Hogan at Pitchfork had this to say about the lyrics on his last album:

"When it comes to words he's typically received more praise than deserved, maybe because he's got an MFA (whoopedy-doo!). Pernice too often traffics in turgid phrases rather than complete thoughts, epitomized in the omg wtf chorus of "My So-Called Celibate Life": "It's a short slide down/ No caution navigating the faulted ground." That's not pop, dude. That's poor."

On behalf of Joe Pernice, I'd like to extend a big middle finger to Marc Hogan. In a perfect world Joe Pernice would have as much money as Sean Lennon to work with some kickass producers and musicians. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have the disposable income to spend a lot in the studio (or to go out and do coke with Bijou Phillips – a lot his money probably goes for diapers for his baby). Anyway, I’m straying really badly. Just buy the record. All the Pernice Brothers records are good. I do wish they’d do a vinyl release. See him live at Spaceland on November 22nd. Grade: B+

Also released:
Cities: Variations (Yep Roc) – Reimagined by Daedelus, Ladytron, Fog
The Dears: Gang of Losers (Arts & Crafts) – Live at the Troubadour on 10/4.
The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two (Astrawerks) – Hot Chip, Nine Inch Nails, N.E.R.D., Goldfrapp, Unkle, etc.
Goldenboy: Underneath the Radar (Eenie Meenie) – Support local music.Download “Second Day of the Year
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3: Ole Tarantula (Yep Roc) – At the Key Club on 10/27
The Hold Steady: Boys and Girls in America (Vagrant) - Usually I understand why bands are critical darlings even when I don't like them. These guys are the exception. No offense, but what am I missing here? At the Troubadour on 10/16.
Home Video: No Certain Night or Morning (Defend Music) – Download “Penguin” Live at the Getty on 10/20.
Jet: Shine On (Atlantic) – Last album sold 1,585k. Live at the Fonda on 10/5.
The Killers: Sam’s Town (Island) – Last album sold 2,993k. Live at the Wiltern on 10/6 and 10/7.
The Kooks: Inside In/ Inside Out (Astralwerks) – This month’s version of the Arctic Monkeys. Not that I have anything against either band. See them at Safari Sam’s on 10/24 or Spaceland on 10/25.
Nina Nastasia: On Leaving (Fat Cat)
Pere Ubu: Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil) – Live at Royce Hall on 10/29.
The Slats: Boom Patrol (Latest Flame Records)
Subtle: For hero for fool (Astralwerks) – At the Knitting Factory on 10/12.
Thunderbirds are Now: Make History (French Kiss) – At Spaceland on 10/14.
Tokyo Police Club: A Lesson In Crime (Paper Bag) – At the Echo on 11/12.
Various Artists: Air’s Late Night Tales (Thrive) – It always bugs me a little when people misspell Elliott Smith’s name (like the track listing on Amazon).
Various Artists: Adult Swim and Stones Throw Present Chrome Children (Stones Throw)

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