Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday 10/3 - Music Picks

Tonight's Pick:
Ozma / Satisfaction @ Troubadour ($15) – The Troubadour is so good. They let you know how much their shows cost. They tell you what time the bands are playing. They book great bands all the time. They have such a great sound system. And so many legends have played there. Just go look at their redesigned website. Every club should be so on top of their shit.

Also playing:
The Boxing Lesson @ Spaceland
Mark Mallman @ Safari Sam’s ($5)
Asteroid #4 / The Quarter After @ the Echo ($5) - Asteroid #4 is also playing tomorrow night at the Silverlake Lounge.


silawe said...

could you send this post to The Echo? people have been calling me all day with questions about the Jose Gonzalez show, it's annoying.

Anonymous said...

The Ozma / Satisfaction show was pretty good. I was there early to see the opening band, Acute, and they were solid. Good sound. They ended the set with a nice cover of Mr.Bluesky by ELO.

Satisfaction was good too. they had a temp drummer (ex-Smile drummer Scott... Smile eventually evolved into Satisfaction). The last song killed me... it was a big Zep-inspired bastard, complete with bombastic drum solo intro. yowza.

Duke said...

anybody who covers Mr. Blue Sky gets points in my book. great song. i'll have to watch out for them.